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Kucoin Trading Bot Tutorial: Auto-money?

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If you want to know how to use the Kucoin trading bot, you’ve come to the right place. In this Kucoin trading bot review, I’ll be doing a deep dive on all the features and how to increase your chances of earning consistent money from the trading bot.

00:00 Kucoin Trading Bot Tutorial
00:38 Kucoin Trading Bot Intro
02:12 APR Results are Misleading
04:08 Creating a Classic Grid Kucoin Trading Bot
09:55 Trading Bot Order Details/History
10:57 Shutting down your Kucoin Trading Bot
11:38 Profits Overview: Trading Bot PNL
13:00 1 Week / 10 Bots / $1000 Trading Results
15:16 How to use the DCA Trading Bot
18:20 Kucoin Trading Fees
18:51 Kucoing Trading Bot Pros/Con
19:55 What’s in it for Kucoin?

Kucoin Tutorial:

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  1. I'm using it right now. Figured the tighter spread to increase profit already. Good that you focused on that. One thing you brought up that was beneficial besides the wins for KuCoin is the fact many people will copy whatever is winning on that leader board. If you take some time to find a hidden gem, you could stand to be the next person who ends up on that leaderboard.

  2. "And we can change how I want to see that"

    I want to see it in Green, not Red… in Profits, not Losses. Can we change it like that? 😀

  3. i started now the bot with 2,5 dot 110 chf after 2 minutes 2 chf more. maybe qorksngood. is it runmimg until i stop ?

  4. Why is it selling at loss, can't you have it hold if its losing and only sell at gain??

  5. Also lost 500 dollar in bots, startet active trading and i'm not at 800 dollar, bots aren't a real opportunity

  6. what happens to the profits? do they get reinvested while the bot is active? meaning. If i setup a bot with 70dollars and in 1hr the coin price goes above my top marker and i made say 5 dollars ( Total of 75 now) but i do not turn off he bot and let it sit then some time later the coin price drops to within my range, is the bot at this point going to use the total of 75 dollars or only the 70?

  7. This is how I maximize profits with the bots: 1. Make sure the asset is trading mainly sideways
    2. Execute the bot on a green candles so you can maximize your cash when it sells a portion of your asset. And let the bot do its thing
    3. If you see a significant pull down to lower prices disable your bots and get it all back in assets and not cash. Since the bot holds a good portion of it in cash you're essentially shorting the market giving you more assets.
    4. Repeat

    Been doing it with xrp and I'm getting around 4 free xrp per day with a $800 invested within 3 bots

  8. your analogy that if you just buy it sometimes its better than the bot is flawed because it could have just as easily gone down. The point of having a bot or a system is to perform better than 50/50 whereas your logic of "just buying" would only break even (and lose after you factor in transaction costs).

  9. I am doing the Classic Grid bot, what I don’t understand how is it possible to make accumulative profit when the price fluctuates? Because the buy and sell orders are always the same price and the coin value never changes when it fluctuates? So how is Grid profile accumulated? If the price fluctuates surely you are losing money to trading fees?

  10. thank you dan . good review . got in kucoin thanks to your video on dragonchain. trading bots are fun if everything goes fine as on a sunny day. if parameters or market conditions are wrong or against your bet, they are a bad option as they waste money on trading fees, or a bad opportunity cost.
    maybe you can make an update as now they also have a futures trading bot

  11. Why do I have a negative amount when there was 0 arbitrage? Is it have something to do with the value going down?

  12. Do you know where I can learn more about computers? I'm not as tech savvy as I'd like to be and I want to learn all I can before getting into this seriously.


    I transferred my coins from Coinbase pro and they are lost.
    I verified the address was correct and transaction is completed
    They don't response to my emails

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