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Joy Ride Turbo money glitch [Full Garage achievement]

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I happened to find this money glitch as I was purchasing my last car in the game. I took advantage of it to purchase all of the solid gold paint schemes.

In order for this glitch to work you need to have the EXACT amount of coins for a purchase. For example, in this video, I have 500,000 coins because the gold schemes cost 500,000 coins. When you make a purchase with “exact change” the game doesn’t take the money.

You can take advantage of this glitch to easily get the “Full Garage” achievement which requires the purchase of every car and style. The achievement does not require paint schemes.

Also, I apologize for the quality as I do not have a capture device so I had to settle for a cell phone recording.



  1. Did anyone else ho back on their xbox360 and find this game and realize that they still had to compete it so searched this up and found or or is it just me

  2. Yea I know.
    I tried to unlock the achievement using the glitch,twice,but I didn't get it.Now I'm too bored to start it again all the way from the start for the third time..

  3. I had the achievement before I discovered this glitch. You get the achievement by buying every car and car style. Paint jobs aren't necessary.

  4. Did you get the achievement using the glitch?
    I've done it twice&I didn't get it..

  5. Lol, i oncehad that and i started playing on the stunt track, i thought: wtf?! How did i get that much money in 3 minutes? (406,352)

  6. Use the single player races to get close and then get the exact amount by picking up small groups on coins in the stunt park.

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