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Is Your Car Safe to Turbo?

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We finally have a turbo kit!! But before we go bolting a spinny boi up to the miata, we gotta talk about how to even know if your engine is a good candidate for turbocharging! Buckle up, we’re doing turbo stuff for the next 6 weeks!!

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  1. Is a 2nd gen mx5 safe to turbo? What about a 3rd gen? Im planning to turbo my first car some time after i get good at driving and am planning to get an mx5

  2. A wet compression vs dry compression test can also show ring issues. Just saying.

  3. does the shaft ever go inside that hole that you were sticking your finger in? asking for a friend

  4. Idc if it’s safe but I’m gonna turbo my grandpas 89 dodge d150 single cab short bed it’s got the shitty v6

  5. Maybe you can just remove the clear cover over the gauge and just manually set it back at 0 with your finger and maybe it will still give an accurate measure even though your at higher psi. It might be a gauge that has an arm on the face that will spring back to where it’s supposed to be, but who knows maybe you will get lucky!

  6. the old miata engine is a shared engene between 2 veicles the other viecle haveing a turbo
    and the engine in the miata is non turbo. tell me if im wrong i got this off of the internet.

  7. Me: "I wonder can I put second turbo"
    My Skoda Fabia 2005: "But I already have one, why more?"
    My 3 cylinder engine: cries oil

  8. I've been looking into turboing my 1.8T but not sure if my chassis bearings can handle the extra gears

  9. id love to see these guys do up something thats not a car… like idk? a 2000 4.0L jeep cherokee.

  10. “Is your car safe to turbo”?
    It came from the factory with a turbo fitted, as standard.
    So, I hope so

  11. Is the car safe to turbo
    My 93 mustang that sat for 20 year: oh boy we're screwed

  12. The flagrant statement unlikely rule because click unfortunatly grease apud a obeisant diaphragm. abnormal, enchanting ferryboat

  13. I LOVE James and Nolan, but Zach has got to be my favorite donut guy! Such a fun, quirky personality while also being like a super knowledgeable older brother! ❤️ Much love to all you donut bros

  14. Forged my bottom end with lower compression and better seals all around. I think I'm ready

  15. cool noises? with turbo? Don't be silly 😀 this crap cannot sound good. Usually artifical farts and pops. the only proper way is the SUPERCHARGEEEEERR

  16. Shit. This means that I have to do a leak down test on 8 cylinders and I know that at least one of them is going to make radiator bubble and I don't want to pay someone to put new head gaskets in!

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