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Is SoFi Doomed? SoFi's Reverse Stock Split Proposal Explained

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In this video, Lincoln explains the reasons for SoFi’s reverse stock split in full. What does this mean for $SOFI investors? #VoteYes #SoFi #ReverseStockSplit

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⏳ Timestamps
0:00 Teaser
0:40 Intro
2:59 Why Would SoFi Want a Reverse Stock Split?
3:18 SoFi Q1 2022 Earnings
5:13 SoFi’s Business isn’t Struggling
6:20 SoFi Certainly Has Areas for Improvement
6:49 Anthony Noto is Leading SoFi Exceptionally
7:14 You Should Read SoFi’s Earnings Report
7:41 SoFi Has Good Reasons for a Reverse Split
8:03 Reason #1: Institutional Investors Won’t Invest in Penny Stocks
8:55 Institutional Investors will Exit $SOFI if it Falls Below $5
9:19 Retail Investors Will Panic if Institutional Investors Start Selling
10:15 SoFi is Hedging Against Relentless Short Sellers & Market Uncertainty
11:48 Reason #2: SoFi Wants to Increase Institutional Holding by Decreasing Weak Retail Investors
12:31 SoFi is Requesting a Trump Card to Protect Against Being Delisted in Worst Case Scenario
14:26 A Reverse Stock Split is SoFi’s Protection Plan
15:19 SoFi’s Board of Directors is World-class
15:48 SoFi isn’t Trying to Screw Retail Investors
16:58 Reverse Stock Splits are not Absolutely Bad
17:28 Focus on the Underlying Business Performance Instead of the Stock Price
18:17 The Reverse Stock Split Reasoning is Simple – Don’t Overthink It
18:42 Uncertainty is Scary
19:00 The Board of Directors is Preparing for War
19:51 They Will Need to Act Fast if They Need to Conduct a Reverse Stock Split
20:45 SoFi Would Prefer that Short-term Minded Investors Exit
21:18 Institutional Investors Have Been Buying Up SoFi Stock Heavily
21:40 Institutional Investors are in it for the Long-term
22:10 SoFi Might Get What They Want from a Reverse Stock Split: Less Retail Investors
22:27 Management Needs to Predictably Raise Money from the Stock Market
23:19 Long-term Retail Investors Will Benefit
23:32 Case Study: Citigroup Use Reverse Split to Eliminate Traders From Their Stocks
24:24 Warren Buffett Keeps $BKSH Stock Price High
25:55 SoFi’s Proposed Reverse Stock Split Could Have a Similar Effect
26:06 You’re Not Going to Lose Any Shares Nor Value Just Because of a Split
26:19 TV Analysts Don’t Discuss Penny Stocks – SoFi Needs to be in the Conversation
26:50 There’s Little Reason to be so Upset and Scared About a Reverse Stock Split
27:18 Two Things Can Be True at Once
27:34 SoFi is the Market Leader & Technology Provider – Galileo & Technisys
28:00 SoFi’s Not a Dying Company by any Measure
28:09 Summary of Why SoFi Might Need a Reverse Stock Split
28:35 Conclusion: SoFi’s Board of Directors Needs Control Over the Share Price – Vote Yes

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  1. Short squeeze is on! I spoke with a friend who told me SoFi's competition now views shorting the stock to get it de-listed as futile. Just the 'ability' of the BOD to fight back with a reverse split (not needed) is enough to trump the shorts.

    And because SoFi has a National Bank Charter, it's competitors cannot attempt a buyout or hostile take over (too much regulation and red tape that is not in the best interest of consumers).

    The 'Big Boy Banks' are in serious trouble here… SoFi will be able to undercut its competitors by offering the lowest interest rates at a time when everyone is in desperate need.

  2. As a investor , I am long in SOFI n believe it will go to the moon in future for sure. I wouldn't want SOFI to get delisted , so if reverse stock split is needed , then let it be. My suggestion is if reverse stock split happened and SOFI stock is being manipulated as it is now. I will sell one or two legs in the money covered call options as retailers will react badly to reverse stock split and will make SOFI stock price down again.

  3. If I am a bank, I will kill my opponent (SOFI) before it get too strong or make it mine with a much cheaper price.

  4. Simply put it ,as long as SOFI stock price is further away from $5 , reverse stock split will not happened.

  5. Can you comment on this excerpt from the proxy statement regarding Mr. Noto's compensation package's financial incentive to achieve/maintain share price greater than $25?

    * June PSU Award to Mr. Noto
In June 2022, the Compensation Committee granted a PSU award for 6,428,578 units to our CEO pursuant to the 2022 Plan (the “Noto PSU Award”). The Noto PSU Award is to be earned and vest, if at all, during the period commencing on the first anniversary of the Business Combination and ending on the fifth such anniversary, subject to the achievement of specified performance goals, including (i) the volume-weighted average closing price of our common stock being equal to $25.00, $35.00, and $45.00, respectively (each, a “Target Hurdle”), over a 90-trading day period; (ii) now that the Company is a bank holding company, maintaining certain minimum standards applicable to bank holding companies; and (iii) our CEO’s continued employment with us on each vesting date.
    * The Noto PSU award vests in increments of one-third of the total number of units as each Target Hurdle is achieved over a 90-day trading period. In the event of a “sale event” (as defined in the 2022 Plan), the Noto PSU award may automatically vest subject to the satisfaction of the Target Hurdles by reference to the sale price, without regard to any other vesting conditions. Each unit granted pursuant to the Noto PSU Award represents a contingent right to receive one share of our common stock for each unit that is earned and vests.
    Page 57

  6. Worst 2 news as a shareholder you can ever receive when you hold a stock

    2-Reverse Solit

  7. After reverse splits green light for dilution. Secondaries etc. Winning companies don’t even mention that world RS.

  8. Well let's hope a reverse stock split is not a card that SOFI ever has to play, because reverse splits never work out in the favor of existing shareholders. They never have in the past and never will in the future. Every shareholder who has ever gone through one has lost value, and more often than not, a lot of value as a result. I have never seen or heard of even one reverse split that has ever worked out to the benefit of any shareholder. If you have, please let me know about it.

  9. Why do people see us as a SPAC or MEME… The market shows NO respect that we are a Bank.

  10. Great video as always Lincoln! Initially I was not in favor of Reverse Split but after listening to you here I now believe giving the power to BOD may be necessary so they can do what is needed for the company.

  11. Wow reverse split at 6 dollars? News of this alone can cause massive selloff. I rarely have seen any stock performing good after a reverse split. It becomes #1 target for shorts. I would never do this unless stock price drops below 1 and thats their only choice. Even one dollar implies like only 1b market cap. If a bank can drop to that valuation i think its done for good.

  12. Very good video. I’m buying shares as much as I can as I get more funds.

  13. Reverse stock split is not a good idea. If the momentum is down, then the stock will still go down. If anything, it may accelerate the decline as the value of the stock can go down by an even greater amount. The true price of the stock may want to settle at $5 range, however with reverse split, investors will have less shares. I say let it be like Llyods Banking Group (one of the largest banks in the UK). It is now in the $2 range. But things are now turning around. The low price of Sofi will force the company work harder to increase growth and profit.

  14. Part of the motivation of SoFi's competitors to short the stock is to have it de-listed… making SoFi un-investable to institutions.

    While a reverse stock split is unneeded and not likely, giving the BOD the power to do it is brilliant: it's a message by SoFi to it's competitors that shorting SoFi will ultimately be a complete waste of time and money!

    As an analogy… people who open carry self defense (not wanting to use it) are much less likely to be attacked. SoFi is arming itself and openly carrying, it's saying don't f#ck with us because you're going to fail.

    Once SoFi's competitors lose their incentive to short it because their strategy won't work, they will abandon it.

  15. stop dilluting us no more SBC till the share price improves and no more billion dollar all stock deals

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