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Is BITCOIN FINALLY About TO BREAKOUT?? [Bitcoin BTC Technical Analysis Price Prediction 2022]

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bitcoin technical analysis today Sunday 26th July 2022 and bitcoin price prediction in this video looking at the indicators and general Elliott wave structure

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Bitcoin Technical Analysis Today

Bitcoin Price Prediction 2022 2022

If you are knew then make sure you understand some of the basics about Bitcoin. You do not really need to understand Bitcoin mining and blockchains however some of the basics are vital if you are considering investing in bitcoin in 2022. We could see a huge move in bitcoin and my bitcoin forecast video is coming various soon so stay tuned and subscribe to the channel if you are new!

Bitcoin Trading

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  1. Could Bitcoin move this week? Let me know what you think below and if you have heard any other BTC News!

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  4. Looks like you were dead on…with bit headed to 15k sooner rather than later….where do you see ethereum hitting some resistance?

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  11. I can't believe this activity in the market, reminds me of musical chairs with the band playing the last fool has yet to be born………

  12. all of these videos everyone has a their prediction…and they all contradict each other.. then it never plays out then it does something else… then everyone readjusts and makes a new video with their NEW prediction..then the cycle continues again!! LOL!!!!

  13. No sir it is not breaking out right now. There has been positive news about bitcoin but it has been moving sideways. My guess is that along with gold, people might be using bitcoin as a hedge against inflation and uncertainty in the market. I want to see bitcoin break out massively but unfortunately, it is perhaps not going to happen anytime soon.

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  15. Stocks no gold no silver no bitcoin no 10 yr treasury dropping steady get your crash helmet ready and your cash to buy the bottom.

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  19. Just a couple of whales trying to bring bitcoin back to life by some pumps, like an ambulance crew trying to bring a patient back to life by applying shock therapy. So obvious, no organic growth or interest whatsoever.

  20. Brilliant benchmark with silver Sajad (I wanted to check that up myself and you just did it 🙂 ). BTW it is bigger than what it seems… This is supposed to be the Blockchain decade according to all the World experts (McKinsey states 10% of Worlds GDP will be on blockchain at the end of this decade). Nothing is chance here, the comptroller you mentioned is former Coinbase lawyer appointed there by the US treasury secretary (Just imagine that). However, people are in the disbelief phase and think you're spreading FOMO Lol

  21. There is a wall of resistance in the 10.5k region. This impulse looks like a final 5th wave structure. Stocks are running on fumes now and look toppy. Everyone is so bullish in bitcoin, precious metals. Hmm…

  22. it's not a bear market, it's a bullish wedge (weekly), and it might just be breaking out off the upper trendline as we speak (fingers crossed)… PS. Can you do crude oil and US$ fundamentals please?

  23. I'm glad you posted this. I've been buying bit coin for about a month now. You mentioned placing a stop loss on a trade for Bitcoin which would suggest you keep your Bitcoin on an exchange and not on a hardware wallet correct? It seems within the Bitcoin community they heavy frown on this way because the exchange could get hacked and your bit coin stolen. My only problem is if your bit coin is on a wallet you can't protect yourself from a loss. Most people who buy at bit coin at least the impressions I get from community is to by and hold for the long term. Thanks again for the content. Always look forward to your videos.

  24. No need to FOMO, at this rate the stock market will crash and kick the bitcoin can down the road few more months. It's 2022 after all.

    Not financial advice 😛

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