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India's foreign exchange reserves register steepest weekly fall; Value of gold reserves also lessens

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India’s forex reserves fall by $11.173 billion to $606.475 billion (dip for the fourth straight week). Foreign exchange reserves registered the steepest weekly dip on record as the Rupee came under pressure. India’s foreign exchange reserves have declined by over $26 billion in the past four weeks. Pressure on the Rupee – Ukraine war, the continuing impact of the pandemic & other geopolitical developments.

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  1. We need to be more Euro Rubel Yen Yuan Gold centric basket to peg our currency compared to Dollar, dollar is literally the worst performing currency with people who print it like paper, Dollar lost its credibility.

  2. India must gradually ignore dollar and promote rupee in international markets, or we will suffer modern colonials Wests and America weaponizating dollars, they are threatening every country sovereign stands to rule world implementing terrorism funding and supplying weapons countries like Pakistan and Ukraine

  3. Better diversify and peg to gold. US will freeze your reserve when they don’t like you. Afghans are starving because US won’t release their reserve

  4. World is slowly moving away from USD being global reserve currency, so drop in reserve is okay

  5. Problem :- The government have to maintain its value to reduce inflation or any chance of stagflation
    and secondly due to West oil prices have rised and secondly due to covid world supply chain has disrupt so their is a very much impact on indian ruppe
    Solutions :- India need to increase export and indenigation of goods and services with reducing dependency on fossil fuels and promoting cleaner source and promote its ruppe in digital form in Brics and Quad countries ( if possible) that would make indian currency more stable

  6. We need more statues …more Mandirs …more majjid….52 inch chest…hijab….A competitive finance minister makes a big difference…Look at the inflation and prices…

  7. India probably have increased reserves in Oil .Half reporting is as good as no reporting at all

  8. India to do more and more export in every sector to increase its foreign reserve …,..Indian govt should support our indian exporter…

  9. This year forex reserve will deplete by 200 bn$. India has to pay the principal on the sovereign bonds.

  10. This fall was expected kind of and our earlier rises in the forex reserves were reserved for these moments only

  11. We will be in bigger trouble if US applies sanctions and freezes our $reserves in US banks just as they hv done to Russia

  12. It is due to the steepest fall of the value systems of the Indian leaders by harassing the minority poor innocent Muslims during their most significant Ramzan fasting period.

  13. Indians are way too obsessed about IMF's opinion. We should honestly pay all the debts, take the gold out of World bank, Bank of England, convert all the uSds into gold and get out of this stupidity. The only way to grow is silently. Unfortunately, we are all over the place and make way too much noise.

  14. It's just the start of a long drawn fall. India has to pay nearly 256 billion dollars in 2022 fiscal year as many loans which were taken before are going to mature this financial year but there is nothing to worry about as it is just the part of a long developmental process, where old loans mature and new loans are taken again to fund development.

  15. It's because as federal increased interest rate so investors are dumping rupee and investing in dollar. 10 billion usd corporate bonds are sold by foreign investors.

  16. How come family members of same families are posted in same districts in SBI ?

    Is there any fraud going on ?

    Last BANK STRIKES it's SBI Bob ubi all gov banks closed shutters

    2nd / 4th Saturday off

    SBI employees leaks customers secrets & many bank cheating case already filed

    Why PM FM not looking at it , and take appropriate steps

    SBI pay is way above HDFC Axis ICICI bank employees

    Then too they don't bother to have 24×7 mobile phone / WhatsApp grievances redressal facility

    Why GOV not acting against ? Is it because they forego ADANI loan ?

  17. Rupee is the worst performing currency in Asia .. even we r competing with pakistan in currency rate however there r political crises in pakistan but in india we hv nothing still out rupee is free falling against dollars… Modi policies for monetary is not good enough to stable rupees

  18. We have to think about our nation every time how we can help to grow and always stand steady.

  19. Its seem like India will be another Sri Lanka Under Modi a, RSS and BJP. Prepared for the worst to comes ind India.

  20. That means imports are falling. It's actually good news. Foreign exchange reserve falling is not a bad thing.

  21. If i am not wrong India has more than $10 billion worth loan servicing deadlines to meet during this year. Couple that rising crude and foreign investors Booking their profits and pulling out and so many other things, this is expected. This shouldn't be a problem for us.

    We have to focus on getting inflation under control though. We are still on the higher end of RBI's comfort zone. People won't be able to sustain like this for a prolonged period of time.

  22. Not surprised at all . In 2022 we have to pay 200+billion dollars debt . So that gov can issue bonds.

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