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I turned My Scalping Strategy into a Trading Robot

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Last week you guys gave me so much love for my scalping strategy. So, I turned it into a robot that can trade on your accounts.

I optimized the robot, made it compatible with MT4, MT5 and provided a SET file that I like. The take profit of 10 is the same as the scalping strategy I provided you last week.

I hope you enjoy this, it took me a long ass time to do!


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I am not giving any financial advice in this video, it is purely for education and entertainment. Past profits do not guarantee future profits.


0:00​ Introduction
0:33 Why to automate a Strategy
1:38 Scalping Strategy Refresher
2:23​ Coding the Bot
3:21 Robot Settings
6:14 Bot Performance & Optimization
9:01 Free Access

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  2. Hey Pat, thank you for your work helping us tradies. I am new to trading so there is a lot to learn. I love this strategy and it can be very successful with the correct settings. The Bot does need some manual intervention at times but I love it. If you have time can you fix the code for the lot size? Would be appreciated.

  3. how can i get this bot to work on MT4? i simply dropped it in and used all the settings that were default. i dont see it working at all.

  4. Thanks for the information dude. Looking forward to experience the light you're trying to set for us.

  5. good day sir i already download the robot but when I install to mt4 there is nothing happen in my mt4..maybe I did a wrong way sir?

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