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I Ran A Trading Bot For 24hrs Straight

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I Ran A Trading Bot For 24hrs Straight! Forex Day Trading Stock Market and Crypto Trading Bot with the Best MACD Trading Strategy
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Previously Bill the bot took 200 trades in the direction of the trend in less than 2 hours and made almost 2000 dollars in profit. That’s almost a 2 percent gain in just 2 hours. If it can make money by taking random trades in the direction of the trend, what can it do with a high win rate trading indicator? What if I ran the Trading Bot for 24hrs with a strategy that got a high win rate after testing 100 times on the Trading Rush Channel?

So I ran Bill the Bot for 24 hours straight with the highest win rate trading strategy, and I can’t believe what happened at the end!

Bill the Bot took the first trade on USD CAD, and the trade immediately made a loss of 200 dollars, and then the trade was down by 400 dollars. Then Bill the Bot took a new trade on AUD USD, and it must be Bill’s Bad Luck again because the price decided to move in the opposite direction as soon as he entered the trade, and made an unrealized loss of around 500 dollars. But then Bill the Bot got overconfident and decided to take another trade on the USD CAD pair when the pair is already making a loss. There is a big problem with Bill the Bot!

You see I told Bill the Bot to risk around 1 percent per trade this time, and I also told him to look for MACD entry signals on 10 different pairs using the 5 mins timeframe, but since the market moves in a similar pattern, Bill the Bot encountered the first big problem. Similar market movements were generating similar entry signals! When Bill the Bot was not taking trades, it was not taking trades for a long time. But when it was taking trades, it was suddenly taking multiple trades in a short period of time which was a bad sign.

But when Bill the Bot decided to take another trade on the already losing pair, the broker rejected the order because of insufficient margin. Risking around 1 percent per trade was using almost 50 percent of the available margin. Suddenly the lack of margin was a good thing as it was stopping Bill the Bot from taking multiple similar trades at the same time. If Bill the Bot can make a significant amount of money in 24 hours, it will not only be better than 95 percent of traders, but it will also show us something really interesting at the end.

The second trade Bill the Bot took almost made a loss of 1000 dollars, but since the stop loss I told Bill the Bot to set was at a good distance away from the entry price, the price reversed just before triggering the stop loss. But then Bill’s bad luck caught up and got the price overexcited again because the price on the AUD pair started to make sudden big moves.

The trade Bill the Bot was holding for more than 2 and a half hours, unfortunately, was gone in a matter of few minutes because of a sudden big move. Not only that, but the strong sudden move made trade lose more than 1258 dollars, which is more than what we anticipated. Now Bill the Bot not only has to recover from this loss, but it also has to deal with sudden big moves for 24hrs straight. Let’s see if it makes money.

The first trade Bill the Bot took was still running even after 3 and half hours. Since there is no AUD in USD CAD, this trade didn’t make a loss, but then, Bill the Bot decided to take another trade on AUD pair, and this time there was a bigger problem…

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  1. Hi. Thanks for your video
    I'm curious to know what's the platform you are using for testing your bot?

  2. Can see the bot is in Python, wonder what framework you are using? Be great to see a video on setting up the bot (high level) and connecting it to trading view

  3. Sir I just cannot tell you how much I admire your trading style. So simple yet so elegant. Always keeping risk management at the top. Have been trading with Scott Huffman for 8 months and yet no losses, when you’re good you’re good! God bless you sir

  4. Hi Trading Rush, for the signals you provide in your patreon, do you have a 'trading results' page for that? Thanks.

  5. doesnt need the youtube channel anymore. bill the bot made him rich and they lived happily ever after.

  6. I'm goin with just hoping the bots doin good making him rich.. but maybe it just got him in trouble lol ……. Since those are all extreme cases guessin it's really PC issues or something basic.

  7. Well no video from TRADING RUSH in almost 2 months 😀 I suppose Bill the bot was a success

  8. When you found a way to make money automatically and consistently why would you share it? I guess it’s working well enough he can take a break on the youtube income.

  9. Hi. Clearly one of the best trading channels on YouTube. What timeframe 200 EMA do the videos refer to when it's used as a filter? Is it the same timeframe as one would be using on the indicator such as MACD, or is it always fixed like the 1hr 200 EMA, and some other timeframe on the indicator like the 5m? Thanks.

  10. dear trading rush. can you test this stratergy, indicator OSMA. buy OSMA above, 50 EMA channel above, sl 2 ATR, TP 3ATR,
    SELL SETUP, OSMA down, 50 EMA CHANNEL down, SL 2 ATR, TP 3ATR.

  11. Please could you advise me of the best few trading strategies of all the ones you have tested to save looking through all the videos – thanks?

  12. I have opened soo many demat accounts
    Now annual maintenance charges are applied, if charges are not paid is there chance of affecting my credit score

  13. I heard a rumor that our TS’ host was recruited by Janet Yellin. Supposedly, Treasury has really nice perks and spifs. He probably has his own Keurig in his office, 2 hour lunches, gets to stay in the Lincoln bedroom once a year. Must be nice.

  14. what should be the minimum take profit percentage be with a 1:1.5 risk? I mean dont fees eat away all the profits and more away and thatfor make the a strategy not profitable?

  15. 5000 in one day,
    $35,000 in a week
    More than, $100,000 a month

    That's why he left the channel.. now no point of making more videos…

  16. Have you considered using the MACD for entry and the bollinger bands set at 0.8, exiting when the price drops through the upper band?

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