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I QUIT My Software Job to Trade Forex

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  1. Wow! Such a RAW, TRANSPARENT and REAL video, Nick! Thanks so much for sharing your story with the world. You are truly a unique, inspirational leader in this space and I can personally say that I've learned a lot from you over the years. Your content really resonates with me, even before you had your first 10K subscribers! Thanks again!

    You made me a, you made me a believer, believer


    You break me down and build me up, believer, believer


  2. Yo, is 50$ profit per day a good return considering you trade with 1 lot ? the problem is : if you have 100 k in your account 50 $ is kinda low , but if you have 10 k leveraged 1:10 aint that bad , but having 1k account leveraged 1:100 that 50$ per day is kinda of big . My question is where is the problem in all this equation ? . Ah ye im the kind of person who takes quiq scalps on 1 min chart , 1-2 bars in and out . Im trying to find a strong base on what i can count daily , so far im 30 / 50 /70 $ a day in profit , but allso – 80- 50 -20 . looking for some advice

  3. I trade still working my software job not profitable consistently but getting there. Your content has really helped find my feet with FX after loosing tons of money elsewhere, I could have not found this channel sooner. Thanks TN!

  4. Love you Nick you do so great. I quit studying software to focus on markets. Though challenged by Capital I believe I will be like you

  5. welcome to the self employed club Nick.
    I trade for 1 to 3 hours a day roughly. and replacing what i used to make at work is just too easy.
    Most people need to embrace this. Just replace the day job.
    What do you need? Well. #1 Patience. #2 Trading skills. #3 about 3k in your broker account. Ok…3 K lets you trade 30 K. If that is a metal. we are talking 1 lot….or $100 US per $1 made per ounce. Very Very doable. Ideally you want more in your account as this is pretty high risk %. But.. you can do it with this. So now you have 8 hours to sit there and watch the market just waiting for one good opportunity. and you need just $1 per ounce on a metal… lol. That is nothing. You can't find this in 8 hours.. you suck… don't trade. Seriously.

  6. Working for somone, u have a fix income but at their mercy. Working for yourself is freedom but have to think continuously have to generate income.

  7. You are brave, at least you do what you like to do, lot of people out there don't have a plan or dream.

  8. I know a trader that teach his class on zoom I started for $150 dollars and I got so much bk I loved it ❤️

  9. $300 for food? That sounds little. I'm about $2,500 as well in expenses, food $500-700 of that. I am not trading full time yet but hopefully by this time next year I will.

  10. Nick, thanks for sharing. How much on average are you making now per month from trading?

  11. $300 a month for food?
    Cmon nick this explains why you so skinny.
    Get your weight up bro…eat,eat,eat.

  12. Some day. I plan on doing the same thing. I know it’ll happen. I’ll be good and ready when the time comes !! Thanks for showing us what’s possible

  13. Great video Nick, really liked how you went into the specifics with all of the numbers involved.

  14. Great advice! Definitely useful points to consider. Thanks for the video Nick! Much love!!

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