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I Invested 7500 Rupees in IQ Option Binary Trading | Money Series | CoolSandBoy | Telugu

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► In this video I share my experience and review while using IQ Option Trading App.
This video is no shape or form financial advice, it is strictly intended for entertainment purposes only.
*This is not a Paid Promotion*

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• Where Am I From ? : Andhra Pradesh , India
• What Languages I speak ? : Telugu/English

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  1. vadhu bro ilanti apps videos cheyakandi..money ki middle class valley asa padtharu so valaki 1000-5000 loss ayina chala ekkuva poyinatey..please my request don't show use this type of apps like iq option, binomo, guru trade etc be careful frnds.

  2. Relly i enjoyed the video bro..
    Iam also using iq option bro.
    But amount USD lo chupistumdhi bro INR ela add cheyali bro… please inform

  3. bro trading anedi knowledge, practise 20% untundi, patience tho wait cheyali trade cheyali ante anthe gani ila prati trade pedithe dani trading anaru gambling antaru

  4. I'll predicted in BINOMO, every time i lost my money, I'm the GOLD member in that app, is it fake or not please do the video on BINOMO please BRO

  5. Bro I have one doubt eppudu manam some amount baba meeda invest cheste konni rojulu aayyaka aa mount baba nundi tisi vere mastar meeda cheyyatam aavutada

  6. Ne tension tagalada ,Maaku kuda vachesindi raa ayya tension

  7. Bro oka treding lo 100 rupees invest chesa a saradaga kani a graph matram nenu down peduthe up veluthundhi up pedithe down vasthundhi

  8. IQ optin లో రూపీస్ లో ట్రేడింగ్ చేయాలనుకుంటున్నాను ఆ సెట్టింగ్స్ ఫోన్ లో అర్థం కావడం లేదు కొంచెం చెప్పవా

  9. Please everyone. listen don't believe any youtuber. Your life will ruin if you deposit a just a1000rs in any of this type of apps. It starts like that. And changes your life completely. You WILL became MENTALLY WEAK.
    Don't forget what happened dharma Raju and pandavas when they done జూదం.

  10. Ur wrong bro seeing ur trading i understood that u don't hve any knowledge about how to trade so it's ur fault don't blame iq option for ur mistakes bcaz i earn much more money i needed

  11. Bro.. meeru cinemaa lalo try cheyyandi.. please.. wind video.

  12. Mava rummy wealth game gurinchi koncham cheppu bro Edo dragon tiger game anta ekada chusina ade racha mava

  13. Bhaya first candles understand chesuko anna niku ink purthiga app lo vunna option kuda teliyadhu niku first telusu mowa

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