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I Figured Out Why I Keep Losing in FOREX TRADING?

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I Figured Out Why I Keep Losing in FOREX TRADING? in this video I talk about how to win in forex trading I break down forex trading strategies that will work for you as a day trader scalper or swing trader. Using proper Forex trading risk management . breaking it down as even if this is for beginners



  1. I lost 10 billion then became profitable , now I catch 20 pips a day with a million lots at a time , now I'm teaching on you tube because I love teaching baaahahahahahaha

  2. How is this not common knowledge? Nobody should even bother opening a live account if they don't understand this XD

  3. penghasilan menuruan gara gara pendemi, dari pada lari ke pinjol coba trading modal 140rb jadi 100jt bisa loh, teknik sama analisanya udah di share yah di yt aku

  4. Just catch 20 pips each trade that what I do I open 2 trades at a time and I be done for each day but I usually trade on Tuesday Wednesday Thursday London session I only stick to one pair though that the US30 I don’t trade no other pair I’m slowly mastering it and it’s a great feeling

  5. what do you do if you don't get a bounce or breakthrough of support and instead goes on to creating a new Higher High

  6. Being earning a lot from Mrs angela Regina Mende's trading strategy, and so now I’m holding steady at 80K. My goal is to be making six figure by the time I’m 35

  7. So after u get a 1:2 RR, do you take partials or you just let all of it run while SL is Breakeven

  8. Literally just now getting patience down. Proper risk management is VITAL. I’m starting to realize that what determines your success in forex trading is risk and patience NOT your strategy. This perspective is a true probability vs profitability mindset.

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