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I coded a trading bot for Uniswap | Sniping Bot

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  1. Thank you for the vid. Do you know of any communities for python+web3 dev? (Telegram, Discord, Others?) Or at least web3 dev?

  2. if anyone wants to join my crypto telegram @cryptogoyz and discuss programming or new coins feel free to join

  3. Can you show us how you can run this bot? I find that you create these projects, but never show us how to actually use them.

  4. Waiting on the add to the fb group as well have a bunch of questions quite specific not useful to ask on yt.

  5. Does ethersJS provide a way to look up if there are specific functions within one of the tokens on the lp pair? I.e check if there is a mint function on the non weth token in the pair to help avoid buying into a rug. Obviously would be in addition to other conditional checks?

  6. i have no prior knowledge about block chain, what ide to use etc. could you point me on a right direction please

  7. I bought a coin on UniSwap and can’t sell it but I see a bot was able to sell. Is there a way I can somehow sell it using a bot?? Can you help me try I’ll pay you $100 bucks if you can figure this out please 🙂 ty

  8. The function router.swapExactETHForTokens works on MainNet but doesn't work on Ropsten. The Ropsten wallet has more than enough ETH to pay gas fees but it gives me "insufficient funds for intrinsic transaction cost". If I run the same code on MainNet, it works fine. Any thoughts on what is different between the two?

  9. what about doing this but for selling my ico tokens, I want to sell it at their listing price. any advice?

  10. j'ai l'impression que la fonction getAmountsOut a tendance a differer du prix du site uniswap plus on rentre un capital important et j arrive pas a savoir pourquoi, j ai vraiment passé beaucoup de temps a chercher avant de poster le commentaire. J ai fait un test avec la pair LINK/DAI mais ca le fait sur toutes les paires que j ai pu faire. avec 1 link dans le param AmountIn j obtiens un prix moyen de 17 dai contre 20 sur le site, avec 100 link je passe a un prix moyen de 12.7…. je ne sais pas d ou peut venir ce probleme, je passe par le router v2 de uniswap est ce que tu aurais une idee du probleme ? sans forcement me le resoudre juste je trouve aucune info donc si tu sais ou je peux trouver des reponses je ferais le travail tout seul

  11. so it buys every new pair? can you make it buy only a specific contract as soon as liquidity is added?

  12. hey man! thx for your valuable content! 🙂

    ok, so i need ETH for gas and WETH for the swap..
    does it work with UNI v3 too? so i just change the router and factory?

  13. Don't run this or you will snipe fake tokens. You'll want to tweak this slightly in order to avoid getting rugged.

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