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I coded a stock trading bot. Here’s how much I made.

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I coded a stock trading bot, and here’s how much money I made. I’ve always been curious about how effective building a bot to automatically trade stocks could be, and in this video I put that to the test.

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In this video I briefly entered the world of technical analysis, using an automated stock trading platform to test out different strategies for buying and trading stocks based on the movement of the market. While I do not believe technical analysis or trading stocks based on fluctuations in the price is a sustainable method of wealth creation for most investors, it’s always good to gain perspective on how others are trading in the market. In this video I will walk through several different strategies I used to build different stock trading algorithms, then back-tested those algorithms against historical data from the S&P 500. I also show the tools I used to build the bot, as well as the actual strategies I use, so if you want you could recreate them yourself.

That being said, the performance in this video is based on historical data, and using these bots to trade in the future will not necessarily match the historical results. I would not recommend for anyone else to try trading with these strategies.

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  1. Technical analysis is true because as humans we tend to have revolutions and cycles by that I mean that we are predictable and mostly fall back to old habits than new. Most of us anyways. So with that data you can accurately predict our next moves. Think of yourself when your gaming , how many times have you used the same tactics over and over ask yourself

  2. Should change the title to I used ninja trader to make a bot since you didn't code anything

  3. Nope. Just keep buying VTI/ITOT/SPY at regular intervals regardless of price, you'll end up making more money.

  4. Really interesting. Doesn't seem like something the average Joe should do. Thanks for the great content.

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