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I am Nightmare

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“Never sleep on your dreams or nightmares will be awoken”
Ron Don Scorcho describing this film.

In a sleepy little town that never changes five foster kids discover a secret they weren’t supposed to uncover. Now that they know the secret, nightmares come to life devouring everyone in sight!

Created by M dot Strange 2014

Starring: Brizzy Voices, Jazz Walker, Ricky Grove

127 minutes w/English Subtitles

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  1. I first watched this almost 2 yrs ago (and I liked it then as entertainment, but I didn't appreciate its meaning), and then recently, my brain got stuck on it, and I chose to watch it again, because I dreamt about it (past couple weeks). Anyway, it came at the right time. I've quit crystal meth, and I needed this film as support. So you're a life saver, and I appreciate everything about this. It's remarkable, and I hope you're genuinely proud. You did something amazing.

  2. Maybe this is the 4th time I watch this movie and everytime I find it so cool, away from mainstream crap, I love it!
    Thanks again Mr. Strange, greetings from italy!

  3. Do you mind if I ask the question: How does Fran feel about Meck? She was worried about him when he disappeared, which is unusual for her

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  5. I started watching this movie one night when I found it by sheer accident. Was going to turn it off but kept watching it. I kept telling myself to turn it off but there was something new and different about it that just held my attention. I like the character's glowing eyes, the glow surrounding everything, and the feeling that the whole movie could have simply been a dream and not a movie at all. Brilliantly creepy.

  6. Cómo estas? hola buen video si quieren tambien se pueden dar una vuelta por mi canal. me voy, saludos desde Huejúcar, Jalisco

  7. If I'm not wrong ScreamerClauz brought me here.
    You are super amazing, I love your movies and all your work
    and reading the other comments and loving all the 7 Arts: yes, you should be in a MOMA or in the Centre national d'art et de culture Georges-Pompidou!

  8. This is legitimately like a feel good movie. Watched it on a whim earlier this year and it's done in a wonderful fashion. Didn't get all of it but it's still just awesome.

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