How to update Bitcoin Hardware Wallet Ledger Nano S Firmware

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Official Ledger Nano S website:

In the earlier video, I shared how to configure Ledger Nano S wallet.

How to reset Ledger Nano S- Bitcoin Hardware Wallet:

And in this video, you will learn one important aspect of Ledger Nano-S.
**Updating firmware helps you to get new features and as well as enhanced security. This video tutorial shows you to:

**How to find firmware of Ledger Nano S
**Important things to know before updating the firmware
**How to update the Firmware
**How to restore Ledger Nano S from Recovery phrase
**How to install the bitcoin, Dash, Stratis, Etherium & all other supported wallets on Ledger Nano-S.

As mentioned in the video, here are popular Bitcoin hardware wallets:

Ledger Nano S:

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  1. Hi, If you press the wrong button (5:36) and configure it as new device with new 24 words do you lose the currencies that was on it before the firmware update or is their a way to get them back :/ ?

  2. How can I transfer my erc20 tokens like district0x, power ledger, aeron etc from binance to my ledger nano s? I really appreciate your help. Thanks

  3. Hi Harshad… I'm trying to update my firmware but when I go the ledger manager it says "there are no items to display" under firmware and in "settings" on the device, all it shows is "browser support". I'm at a loss. Can you assist?

  4. Hi, It's so annoying to have to type all those words! Wouldn't it be easier to transfer your coins to another wallet while your doing the update and transfer back after?

  5. What if I never update the firmware. I don't want to reset it and enter all these things. Is it ok to never update it

  6. Hi Hirsha
    Is it possible for you to do a video on how to upgrade my nano ledger to the v1.9.9

  7. Hi Harsh,

    I have one doubt. If I had bitcoins in my wallet and then I update my Firmware What happens to my bitcoins?

    Could reply quickly.

    Thanks and regards,

  8. Hi Harshad
    i did what you sagest how to connect leger to my smartphone and to mycelium. but on the phone when I add the new account it says no active account find. can you help. tanks

  9. my question is what about if i don't open my crypto wallet for a years or a month they will be available ??

  10. Awesome channel and video!!!
    I'm waiting to receive my Ledger Nano S…
    in the meantime, can you tell me… if I own OMG, NEO, and BTC… and I have it currently in Bittrex wallet, can I transfer directly from that exchange to the Nano? Or, do I have to first sell it off into BTC, and transfer that BTC to my Coinbase BTC wallet, and then from there transfer it over to the Nano? This is a crazy new world… my head is spinning. lol Thanks for any suggestions you might have!

  11. I'm unable to reconfigure after firmware upgrade. I never got the WELCOME message. It just went to settings.

  12. Hi Harshad,

    Thanks for your grt video, i just update my firmware with the help of your video.

    i am a newbie to crypto world and not very computer savvy either .
    i have really been struggling with one issue to do with my ethereum mist wallet , which i first installed before getting the Nano S,
    i use ledger nano S to save all my ether and bitcoin now and also have the mist wallet running on my computer
    why do i need the mist wallet ? it seems to slow my computer down and keeps downloading blocks all the time during which the wallet function seems pretty useless, it also seems to to interfere with my nano wallet app

    could you please advise what is the function of mist wallet ? can i get rid of it and how to delete it properly ,
    if you can help me reslove this , I will be happy to donate some eth or bitcoin


  13. hello thank you so much please answer me in soon time possible How to recover the wallet in case of loss
    bank up ??

  14. Hi. I appreciate the instructions. Once upgraded, how do you restore the coins back into the wallets? I have a zero balance on both my ETH and BTC wallets. Thank you

  15. hi.
    do you realise you are showing your recovery phrase 5mins in on paper? are you crazy;-) ???

  16. I got the Ledger Nano S back when not many people had demonstrations on YouTube…..I had already put my BTC on the ledger. Then I saw the firmware update so I installed it. I freaked out immediately because it reset the device. Thankfully, I saved my seed (24 words) properly and recovered my device. I wish I had seen this video prior to doing all that…..although it all worked out in the end. Good video.

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