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How to Trade Forex Like the Banks: Secret Smart Money Strategy REVEALED

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  1. Lol.go study inner circle trader on youtube if you really wanna know how “smart money” trades.they arent sitting on charts targetting joe’s stop.price moves because central banks allow it.learn the highest degree of orderflow.

  2. Quick question, how does the london session open and close from 3am to 11am when if you look at the hourly chart

    i notice candle sticks are being printed every hour, 24hrs a day every trading day

  3. the FX market will always go against retail traders because of brokers, they will buy higher and sell lower while there is enough clients to blow up, if you want to make huge profits in FX market you need to squeeze brokers and kill the market by thousands cuts, I will give you a hint, if you want to trade like big players don't use stop loss or take profits, use alerts and manage your risk

  4. Everybody perceives the market as this chasm that'll suck your hard earned money. But in reality it's quite the opposite. If you know and understand how the market works then this same market can make you some serious money. We as humans have overcomplicated everything. This included. I used to make these mistakes but after watching Nick for a long time I started to let my winners run and followed them with a trailing stop loss. I also moved from the lower timeframes to exclusively trading on the Daily time frame. Best decision ever. So grateful for this nugget of information that I can add to my arsenal.

  5. Hi, Help please. Is it safe to trade EUR/USD at the moment 19January2022 or any other pairs. seems like everyone is just selling theses pairs non stop. I placed A trade A few hours ago on this pair and was filled in without A stoploss of which that's never really happened before. Any help will be highly appreciated.

  6. Quick question. Say you buy usdjpy and then you planning on trading another pair like cadjpy . Are you expected to buy both pairs or does it depend on the news for the currency's? If you understand

  7. The trap is those candles with long wicks were different colour full candles just before the candle completes.

  8. Hey, trader Nick i like this video it so helping, but i have a question, how can we know when this big player, or bank gona trade,

  9. Bruh i didnt even know that banks trade like that and retail traders like that.
    I am trading like a bank but did it unconsciously but i thaught it was like logical doing it like that.
    Can someon explain to me why you would trade like a retail trader?

  10. thats so great……. i reallty like this information so ggo…. i an just a beginner to this forex so o really i really need mre help to be a profitable trader in my life….thanks so much for information………………..

  11. If you want to know smart money concepts you’re gonna have to follow ICT
    Specially right now that he’s doing a FREE YouTube mentorship

  12. I learned the hardway not to trade against the trend. And if there is some retracement, it is better to wait the retracement out, then to try and jump in on it.

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