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How to Setup Bitcoin BTC Trade Santa Automated Crypto Trading Grid Bot Strategy on Binance Exchange

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How to Setup Bitcoin BTC Trade Santa Automated Crypto Trading Grid Bot Strategy on Binance Exchange.

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  1. Hi, I try to do the same like you done in this videos but my actual currency is the €uros… I do not know why my bots does not work… I made the same configuration but I use ETC-EUR but do not start 🙁

  2. Hello! awesome video! I appreciate all your videos, very insightful!! could you continue doing videos with this bot please? id like to see zoomed in info on trailing stop loss, as well as the realized and unrealized profit/loss and whether is it possible to hedge in this bot (short and long at the same time and if so, what would be a good strategy for this?)

  3. Speaking about crypto, what do you prefer?I chose YSL for their legit options, and staking rewards. Being confident I won’t waste my capital is truly a relaxing feeling. must I buy more? What do you think?

  4. That's wonderful, right. But SmartPad is much better! Try it and you'll see that other launchpads are trash. Their first IDO is right over the corner.

  5. thanks, that was really exciting. But you haven't ever said smth about CosmicSwap. That's a pity, that project is a miracle.

  6. I haven’t even thought about that, fellas. Have u find out smth about TENFI coins? They have a super low cap, trusted teamt. What can u claim?

  7. dudes, give your judgment about Kawakami_Inu! I’ve seen a lot of news about their ecosystem, aims and goals. Is it actually that great?

  8. This looks nice mate
    Ok, I want to tell that this ODIN is really really cool. Can you please review it ?

  9. need your judgment on Sakhalin Husky. Can’t decide about them. I see it raising but I can’t definitely decide about this stuff. Help me Pls!!!

  10. Stay away from this bot guys It auto buys coins for commission on top of your monthly fee as well. Default it's turned on so it's basically buying coins on your behalf for its own commission.

  11. Looks pretty decent platform but 3 days is a ridiculously short trial period when it comes to bot trading.

  12. I discovered you about 3 weeks ago, and can not thank you enough for all the work that you do and share. My gratitude!

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