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How to Prepare for a BDR

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In this video we discuss preparing adv and offroad motorcycle riding skills, ways to practice, and preparing your bike mechanically for a backcountry discovery route (or other adventure motorcycling fun)!

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  1. Let’s see… Ride a little bit, pack half the crap you think you need and be prepared to eat dehydrated and greasy food for like 5 days straight. Haha

  2. Pack all your gear and then find every opportunity to get rid of stuff. The goal should be to lose 25-50% of the gear you initially wanted to bring

  3. Good stuff Bruddah! Nice Segway into the adventure riding clan. Looking forward to the new videos on the Cabdr especially maybe some more footage of the gnarly wash in section 1.

  4. I love my adventure bike (my 2nd Yamaha Super Tenere) but for me, I'll keep the adventure to unpaved roads. BDR seems to stand for Bad Dirt Road, IMHO. 1,100 miles across the Trans Lab highway last summer was spectacular though.. pretty much all gravel. And oh yes, about three hundred miles on Quebec 389 which was snot like slimey in spots, but at least a hard base beneath the mucousia-like substance. At age 67, no spill is a good spill.

  5. Glad to see you’re still having fun on your bikes. Love the “woo-hooo!” enthusiasm. 🙂

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