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How To Master Python

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How To Master Python
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  1. Thank you for the Christmas present. You're a great gift to all of us wanting to learn Python. 🙂 (Re: Date Posted)

  2. 1. Start with the Fundamentals.
    2. OOP's Concepts.( How class works).
    3. Data Structures.(Stack, Que, List & Etc).
    4. Keep Sharing your knowledge.
    5. Learn framework (Flask & Django)
    6. Learn Rest API.
    7. Contribute to Open Source project.
    8. Learn Github.
    9. TenserFlow & Keras & youtube dli & httpie check out on Github.
    10. Keep Learning.

  3. I can't find the words to show how grateful i am for this video. Thank you so much for this!!!

  4. In decades of coding (before internet, libraries were my message board), I have needed help at every step. Using online communities invariably will have your questions flooded to obscurity by points-collectors who never answer your question, are cynical at best and usually insulting. Find boards where these clowns don't have millions of points and insist you lick their butt, rather, the answers are coming from people who have just learned your same problem and want to share. Good luck, don't let bad people effect you, and keep learning.

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