1. Hey Will, could you make a video how you set up that cooy trading tool?
    Kind regards Ted

  2. ive lost 30k +, I learnt the hard way, but forex has also helped me see scary figures to especially when I capture 100+ pips on a 5.00 lot size consistently

  3. facts. took me about a year & half for things to just start clicking. i was on the charts EVERYDAY for atleast 18 hrs no bs…. thats why i respect anyone who is on the journey

  4. But what broker can handle a 100k-1 million account for ur personal? Cause most brokers are unregulated, and ion trust them with more than 100k in my account, ya kno?

  5. Wills I'll make sure I fly from Nigeria to the UK to meet you one day u still my mentor from day one when you never had a single beard lol

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