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In this video, I go over the 10 most important things you need when learning to trade.

This is not just my opinion, it is based on statistics from working with thousands of traders all over the world and monitoring the differences in those that fail and those who succeed.

They are:

1. Commit
2. Get Real
3. Don’t Skip Basics
4. Understand Risk
5. Pick YOUR Time Frame
6. Learn a Strategy
7. Develop Your Edge
8. Test It
9. Verify It
10. Structure The Process

I know from experience, that if you work through these and have these things in place, you stand almost a 90% chance of succeeding.

The problem is, not many people do all ten.

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Jason G

DISCLAIMER: I am a professional investor and trader. I am not a financial adviser. These videos are for educational purposes only. Investing of any kind involves risk. While it is possible to minimise risk, your investments are solely your responsibility. It is imperative that you conduct your own research. I am merely sharing my opinion with no guarantee of gains or losses on investments.


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