1. keep up the great info brother! Many people have been complaining about crypto and stock market. this market requires maximum focus and attention when trading any of those markets. it is a lucrative opportunity as the market is now. but I think more emphasis should be placed on trade, as it is much more profitable than hodling. I pulled out double digit two days back using Cameron Hepburn trading signals and it is the 5th time in 4 weeks, his program is really awesome, and has so much positivity. to get in touch with Cameron Hepburn for signal his telegram channel is @ HepburnCrypto

  2. Thank you Andrew love your videos been practicing your strategies for a while now and going to start live trading and build up an account.

  3. <<<I totally agree with what you are saying. I started in crypto in August 2017, and I bought in. I was up 5x by December only to watch that disappear quickly and then watch the original investment go down by about 85% during the ensuing 4 year bear market. I took the opportunity to accumulate more over the last 4 years which was hard to do and at the same time a smart thing to do. I wish I had bought more. I am in profit for now but I am planning on using my experience and what i have learnt from Louis Chung I have learned from you and other Youtubrs especially my mentor Louis Chung who taught me how to make trade and increase my crypto from 11 to 27btc that no one really knows what is going to happen in the market …

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