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How to find the HIGHEST PROBABILITY Institutional Supply / Demand Orderblocks in Forex.

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Welcome to my Channel!

Gonna be using this as a space to give everyone free insights into deep understandings of SMC / Supply and Demand style trading.

In this first video I go over how to choose relevant high probability supply and demand POIs and zones to look to take trades off. It can be quite easy to get lost in the dozens of potential supply or demand zones on a chart, so in this video I explain all the confluences i will look for in a specific zone.

I hope everyone gets some value, if it helps drop a like and a comment as I’d love to hear some feedback and improve the next video I drop!

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  1. Nice. Refreshingly non-Essex. Would your confluence list be similar for the LTF confirmations? Up the Gas!

  2. sup mate great video, could u make one about structure too? any mechanical rules u have?

  3. Thanks brother!! Loving the intro!! Look forward to seeing you boom on the tube

  4. Sorry about the weird audio glitches guys! will sort that for next time

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