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How To Easily Avoid Trading Ranges In Forex, Crypto, and Stocks

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Here are some simple ways you can avoid trading during ranging periods in Forex, Stock, and Crypto markets. You can utilize the ADX indicator for a 100% objective approach or use the 200 EMA in the ways I describe within the video.

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  7. Crypto is not as easy as anyone thinks, yes it's very profitable and reliable and risky at some points. It's easy to make millions of dollars and is easy too to loose millions of dollars also

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  9. Can you please make a tutuorial vid on how to trade on trading view? I want to start using your strategies but i dont know how or where to start when it comes to using trading view, A video on how to set it up the account and how to add money to it would be amazing.

  10. Market crash is inevitable. Invest in crypto, forex and gold now. Crypto/ forex trading is a big chance to make money nowadays. Get a professional to trade or advice

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  12. Fact is u don't want to avoid these ranges ur actually better off trading them than u are breakouts. Once u learn how to do so it makes more sense trading ranges than it does break outs or continuations

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  14. Amazing video, you’ve helped me so much in the past like 6 months. I’ve been capitalizing on that beautiful GJ trend recently too. 6 wins in a row on my strategy so far.

  15. when i go back test one of strategy in ur channel i get good result in year but in another year its be very bad result is that normal thing and what i should do ?

  16. I sent you an email a couple of weeks ago about the channel. Not sure if you check those emails but what would be the best way to contact you.

  17. Nice! In a previous video, you mentioned that an SSL channel with a length of 30 can also keep you out of ranges, and I use that a lot. Be well!

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  19. Do you ever use Market Structure or Key levels? Or do you keep it just fully objective? Thanks Eric!

  20. Stocks are good but i swapped and invested in forex, Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrency. I have been

    making good profits.

  21. I enjoy trading ranges. You got your support and resistance levels. Buy sell till it breaks up or down. Might take a loss but also possible get the runner

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