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Planning your accounts is as important as the trade , here we chat about it

These videos are great way to forex trading for beginners to see easy strategy day trading & swing trading in the real world but not to be taken as any form of financial advice, the aim is to inspire anyone willing to learn Day Trade & Swing Trade and maybe make a full time or part time income from the financial markets using simple easy trading strategy both mean reversion & #trend following coupled with basic indicators such as the RSI, Moving averages EMA , Ichimoku and Stochastic to mention a few with solid risk management to ensure profit from the markets

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I do not sell signals or give any advice on which trade to take, the videos are my personal opinion.

Please do your own research & never trade with money you cannot afford to lose as the fail rate in the industry is very high

The Scruffy Trader is not a financial adviser, he does not provide legal, tax or accounting advice. You should consult your own legal/tax advisers before making any financial decisions.
This video is for entertainment purpose only & some links may be affiliated which may pay the channel a small commission that has no impact on any of your personal purchases or costs to you. Also note The Scruffy Trader is not responsible for any trades or losses that you made. Trading involves substantial risk of loss and is not suitable for everyone.

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  1. Great video sir. I can attest that ever since joining your discord and learning your methods, I've had my first profitable trading month last month at 78% win rate. There is a lot to learn still but I really enjoy the material you have and if someone puts in the work I believe they can do well to join the squad. Thanks for all that you do.

  2. Thanks Scruffy another great video with lots of help advice and wisdom. The only youtube channel and discord group anyone would need. No noise no bull just lots of strong advice and tips. Thanks again mate.

  3. Best trading knowledge and golden nuggets in this channel. All makes great sense Thank you for the video Gary

  4. Always top shelf. Really great perspective. Love the take on sitting on heat and return on investment concept. I'm winning thanks to you. Keep up the great work Scruffy!

  5. Hard earned wisdom, from a bloke who walks his talk. Genuine, authentic – rare commodities. Nice one, Gary (and I love your new set of wheels!)

  6. Anther quality video that is not only informative but gives something to think about and implement. Best trading coach I have ever encountered. The discord group you run is supportive of each and every member, not just from you but of all the guys support each other as well.
    You don't say here is how you do it, you provide frame work on how to do it, make us do our own due diligence for our trades. Each member of the group has their own way to trade, our own system. The group all encourage us to do better, and when someone has a bad run, we lift them back up, help them to analyze the trades they have done that went wrong and help find the solution to get them back on the profitable horse.. Thank you for the videos and for group. And thank you to the group for all they do also..

  7. Another great video with priceless help, support & advice. After being part of the squad for over one year, all I can say is that everything is positive and the help you provide is second to none. Forever grateful for your help.

  8. I Had one of those Batmobiles – cost me 13/6p in 1968, i know – showing my age. These days, one of those – mint and still in it's box ££££££

  9. Once again, brilliant explanations. I'm a new trader with a real passion for this industry. Like you, I know it's been given a bad name by the clowns just trying to exploit people by selling them a useless webinar or course.

    Your videos have made me realise I don't have to pay thousands of pounds for real education (One of the reasons you're the sole person I support on YouTube)

    The content you give out for free holds far more value than most of these paid courses and your honesty is your brand. You show the good and the bad to allow people to see the full picture. It's not easy and anything that you achieve in life worth anything isn't easy, it's earned.

    I'll be absorbing your videos and eventually, I'll attempt a prop fund challenge to allow me to start earning some additional income. You've given me the confidence to do so!

    Plus, you like coffee so you get an automatic 10 bonus points from me.

    Keep up the great work!


  10. Thanks, Scruffy always a pleasure learning from you, Bless you…Hi to Mrs. Scruffy from The Gambia….!!!

  11. Did you enjoy the video and get some help? Please subscribe & consider buying Scruff a Coffee for the time put into making the channel continue https://paypal.me/TheScruffyTrader will send my wage maker , Shout Outs etc

    Did you enjoy the video and get some help? Please subscribe & consider our merch

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