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How To Create A Telegram Bot With Python

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Learn how to make a Telegram bot with Python – a guest video by Jacob from ClarityCoders.

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And here’s the code he showed in this video:
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  1. My python keywords are uppercase

    Not found when typing lowercase letters in Telegram Bot

    How to type lowercase letters in Telegram Bot to find it

    Case-insensitive search

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  3. Great video.. Will like to see how to alert a group based on some condition so the user does not need to run a command but instead just receive a notification ?

  4. I would like to ask you .. I would need a python script for the Telegram bot to download the pdf files, thanks

  5. 7:07 i keep getting an error whenever i run the code, i copyed exactly what you did, step by step and still got the error, its something to do with the bot.polling() line, its about 30 lines of error, pls help

  6. When I type .env for the new file it says 'you cannot create .env files anymore, checkout the environment variable sidebar' can you please tell me what to do

  7. you forgot line 1 of to show where python env is! thats a must have line! and second that site sucks use github next time!

  8. bro i am a 8th class student from india iam trying to learn coding in this lockdown . And i trying python so can please help out and recommend some of your viedos and give me some tips please hope you read this comment

  9. how would i create a button in the bot and assign the button to some sort of function?

  10. some one can hack my laptop and change all my data formate and all data never open please help me!

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