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How to Calculate the RIGHT Lot Size for Forex Trading 📈

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0:00 – Intro
0:27 – Common Questions
0:52 – Lot Sizes Vary with Different Pairs
1:40 – The Key to the Castle
4:50 – Pay Attention toThis Number!
6:01 – The Calculations
6:59 – Let’s See an Example



  1. Seems like I made a bit of a calculation mistake on this video! Please note that the tool works fine for USD currency pairs, but may not work properly for other markets/pairs. Please keep this in mind.

  2. risk management and lot size to risk is very important no matter how experienced you are

  3. Answers please !! Is Gold going to break the 1900 level and continue bearish. If so can the break be anticipated to happen today 07 April 2022 or over the next few days ? Thank you.

  4. Hi Nick! Thanks for the great content like always. I have two questions: why we divided by 10000? And what about the risk % and the stop loss distance? If we for example risk 1% and change the stop loss distance by lowering the distance or make bigger is this could change the risk %? I just confuse between the risk % and the stop loss distance. Thanks

  5. hi Nick i found out that the qty is diffrent in some other currency pair. different lot when divide with 10.000, (need to be divide with 100.000 to get the correct amount of lot size)

  6. standard lot size is 100000 not 10000. little correction otherwise pip values will be 10x multiply.

  7. Thanks , the problem is with who spy and own 600b$ not calculations of risk related to balance?

  8. Oh man, you just dropped a tutorial on a topic that I have been wanting to know for so long on Trading View. Thank you so much Nick!

  9. This is wrong. Risk 10 usd with stop loss 50. Position will be 0.02. There is easy way to calculate usd pairs. For example: risk is 10 usd, and stop loss 50 pips. So: 10/500= 0.02. possition size will be 0.02. you need to know just risk in usd ant stop loss.

  10. I guess it is not 0.37 lot size rather it will be 0.03 lot size…because 0.37 means 37000 quantity and not 3700 quantity… As 1 lot means 100000 contract and 0.1 means 10000 quantity and 0.01 means 1000 quantity if I m not wrong then please correct me if I am…

  11. u r creating misleading content, shame on u, this method u mentioned only works with pairs that end with usd (eurusd. gbpusd etc) it doesnt work with any other pairs such as audchf, euraud etc…..why would u release such content knowing that it only works partially? u know people can lose money because of this right? shame on u, r u really that desperate for content? if u guys dont believe me try his method with a currency that doesnt end with USD, and then use a professional lot size calculator and u will see what am talking about

  12. Just when I needed a video to explain this, you come out with it!When you join Oanda, do you automatically get premium trading view features or would I still have to buy trading view premium?

  13. Loved the video Nick! really broke it down how to calculate lot sizes, learned a lot!

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