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How to Buy Crypto in Trust Wallet App (Trust Wallet Tutorial)

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Trust Wallet tutorial – how to buy crypto on Trust Wallet, Trust Wallet PancakeSwap tutorial for swapping cryptos, how to deposit BNB coin to Trust Wallet and send BNB to Trust Wallet.

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0:00 Intro
0:28 Buy crypto with card on Trust Wallet
1:33 Deposit crypto from Binance exchange
4:07 Trust Wallet DeX tutorial
5:16 How to swap tokens on Trust Wallet
7:27 How to convert BNB to Smart Chain tokens on Trust Wallet
10:05 How to get DAPPS browser on Trust Wallet
11:00 Trust Wallet PancakeSwap tutorial
14:18 How to add token support on Trust Wallet

Binance app tutorial:

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  1. Be straightforward bro!!!!! “How to buy Bitcoin on Trust wallet only” stop jumping into other stuff

  2. Hey James thanks for the Video. If I buy 100$ worth of BTC on my trust wallet through my credit card how much fees do I have to pay

  3. This has helped but what I am experiencing is that DeFi does not seem to work like an exchange in that you can get stuck with an asset unable to exchange it and if you went to send it first you need ETH or BNB to send it.

    In the meantime you ETH or BNB can go up or down quite a lot so if you do like me and exchange it for a stable coin you will first need ETH or BNB to send it. There is a fee for sending as well as exchanging it. So either way a person will need plenty of ETH or not so much BNB.

  4. Hi I need help, I bought it a couple of days ago

    NAFTY token on TRUST wallet and I just don’t see it. I only see him on BSC. Do you have any idea why it is not visible. When I want to sell it, on BSC, it is normally visible and I can give a sales order !?

  5. Have been using a broker called smart contract group limited on mt5 in demo account and moved to live account now but I’m scared to make any deposit because seems like the broker is a scammer. Does anyone has heard about this company???

  6. I am a total beginner and need advice. If I send money via Trust Wallet to say Shib via Trust Wallet and don't get any tokens, where did my money go?

  7. When I buy from moon pay would extra charges be taken from my card or or it’s already calculated from the place where I type in how much I wanna buy

  8. Hi James , newbie here and probably a stupid question but I wanted to ask if I can use BSC token in Uniswap or do I have to get ETH ?

  9. Hi James. Newbie question here. Why should we move BNB to Trust Wallet. Cant we buy other cryptos straight from our BNB app using BNB tokens?

  10. Question…. Why would you need Trust Wallet when you can leave your cash and crypro in Binance?

  11. People will be kicking themselves in few weeks if they miss the opportunity to buy and invest in bitcoin

  12. Always enjoying your video. Very detailed and explanation. Not like many other Youtuber’s only shows off without any strategy and information.

  13. Can you make a video on how to transfer crypto from Binance.Us or .com to BlockFi or Celcius. I’ve been trying to do it, but Binance says I’m not using a whitelisted address, and I don’t want to lose my crypto if I’m not doing it right!

  14. Some amazing tokens on Eth but who is paying those ridiculous gas fees, I'm missing out, one trade actually listed over £250 in fees lol insane.

  15. According to market cycles, we are due for a crypto bear market in a few months, right? Being said, how would you play BTC in the next 6-8 months? I have learned so much from your videos by the way – thank you James!

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