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How To Build An Investment Portfolio In 2022 (The Ultimate Guide)

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Most people do not even know what an investment portfolio is. In this guide, I will be showing you everything you need to know about building a portfolio. This includes following a DIY approach of building a portfolio yourself or taking advantage of a robo-advisor or financial advisor.

00:00:00 Introduction
00:02:30 What Is An Investment Portfolio?
00:05:13 What Is Inflation?
00:07:00 What Is Compound Interest?
00:08:55 Setting Investment Goals
00:10:12 Investment Time Horizon
00:12:10 Risk Tolerance
00:15:40 Volatility
00:22:22 Solo Investing
00:25:45 Financial Planner
00:26:40 Robo Advisor
00:28:00 Account Types
00:35:21 Asset Allocation
00:42:28 Real Estate
00:44:33 Cryptocurrency
00:46:18 Portfolio Examples
00:51:34 How To Pick Stocks
00:53:41 How To Pick Funds
00:54:43 How To Pick Cryptos
00:58:37 Dollar Cost Averaging
01:00:47 Rebalancing


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  1. Lot of people getting good returns in stocks , but what i'm unclear is some reporting lost everything in share market. This makes me worrying , thinking so much to invest.

  2. This is not a financial advice but it’s only for entertainment purposes.. seriously ? You do money discussion for entertainment purposes ? Took no time for me to dislike and stop watching remaining video

  3. Glad I watched this video. I’m 23 and just payed off all my high interest debt (23% geez) and am now putting 10k into a m1 finance account and plan on contributing $250 a week into it. I appreciate your videos a lot

  4. Hi this was great to watch. Thank you. Can someone tell me where ETFs sit in the asset allocation examples on here?

  5. Your example, invest $25/week for 40 years (2,080 weeks) assumed a compound annual growth of 6.19%. This seems reasonable going back 20-whatever-years but today it is questionable. Still, your example is very educational and does not assume an unreasonable rate of return. Bravo Ryan, a truly excellent video.

  6. Ryan, great video; thanks!! I'd add suggestion of Nick Doyle's videos on wealth management, F.I.R.E, and risk tolerance. As to books, I'd suggest Richard Ferri's "All About Asset Allocation" and "All About Index Funds".

  7. Dude Ryan, thank you so much for this video. Appreciate all the time and effort you put into this. Really hope this blows up. Definitely going to share with all my friends, your perspective was awesome!

  8. The Motley Fool told me to buy PINS when I joined last year and last week I sold it at a $500 loss. So good luck!

  9. Too lengthy but helpful thanks for the content. I've been on forex/stock investment. Is the best deal so far when it comes to making profit in a short term. Currently I'm making a minimum of $1,200 on daily basis, which anyone can earn just like I'm doing

  10. Ryan Thanks for the video, before now, I always wonder when people say "this is not financial advice" lol, where then can I get financial advice?

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