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How To Build A Trading Bot – Course Release!

* O link para o vídeo completo está no final desse artigo.
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How To Build A Trading Bot – Course Release!
The course is available in full straight away so you get access to the full thing 🙂
Check it out:


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  1. I don't like people who claim to know it all because those people don't have any more room to grow so I appreciate you claiming otherwise!

  2. I purchased the class, I wouldn’t recommend it. Half of the stuff (that’s quite important) he says “I don’t know what this really does, look it up”, and in the ad he claims no coding experience is required – you need to know quite a bit of Python to use it. And its not a course, its an hour and a half video and costs £35. You can get three very in depth courses including on Python itself and trading bots from one of those learning sites like Udemy or Skillshare. I figured as Halldens regular videos are really well made and thought out the course would be next level mind blowing. It wasn’t it was just very spendy for what it is. Don’t waste your money guys.

  3. hey i want one question and i want solution from you i have one arry like string ["4599"],["6625"],["7777"],["12345"],[7070] but i want print only this out put like this ["4599"],["6625"],["7777"] means i want print that string which string have same string last two or 1st and next if are same and or whole are same like in this arry ["7777"] how will sove this question

  4. Do you recommend getting a vpn for general home web use, I'm not looking for anonymity, it's just that avg keep trying to get one.

  5. You should sell the entire course bro, not monthly. There are people that learn faster and other slower. Think about them too.

  6. Wow! I love investing in trading bots because I believe they are the best investment products out there. But to be able to program one myself, that would be amazing!

  7. Hie bra. Can I have your email. I have lots of questions I wanna ask you.

  8. Hey kalle, been a fan for a long time and ive always wondered what you use to make your animations in your videos and if you dont mind , could you make a video about how you film and edit your videos

  9. Just bought the course and it's great stuff man ! Can't wait to see what you come up with in the future !

  10. hi kalle, thank you for this content. rather going with patreon i would go with digistore and link to a not listed youtube video maybe.. with patreon it is monthly 35€ and depending on when i buy it during the month i have either less or more time for it..meaning if i buy on the 30th this month i would only have 1 day for it and would be charged another month unless i unsubscribe..so the whole thing is quite cumbersome if you are not aware of the patreon process… surely you had your reasons..but i think patreon is not really the platform for this single courses unless you are planning to drop more courses in the future 😉 anyways keep continuing producing such nice content

  11. 35 dollars is quite a lot though, I expected 5-10 dollars when you said for "low price". Especially that this does not involve any of real trading strategies. Was excited about this, now not so much.

  12. Can you please go deeper what I get if I become patreon for this course? number of videos or length in total for example. ty

  13. I think your trading bot videos are how I found you for the first time. I've been a big fan ever since.

  14. Kalle do I have to keep paying 35$ every month for the course or is it only a one-time payment? Also how long does it take to complete the course?

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