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How to best use prop firms in forex trading.

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In this video I go over something that is so overlooked in the trading industry and it really helped me ground myself and focus on the bigger picture.

WHO AM I: I’m Albert, Trader, Investor, YouTuber and Podcaster based in London. Im on a mission to educate people in the trading and investing space. I talk about the realities of being a trader, I drop education, which is in no way financial advise. I like to include mindset, productivity and realism in what i talk about. Always down for a laugh and drop banta here and there in my videos. Everyone thinks been a trader is Lambos, Ace of spades bottles and Rolexs. I want to tackle this problem and share real expectations. To finish I started “The flipper slip” yet to catch one 5 months later but im working on it. 🙂

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  1. Great video, everything you've said is spot on. Taken me 2 years to get to the ignore what others are doing stage (mindset growth). I admire you more than most purely because you've done this journey as a father to 2 little ones and as a father myself with adult kids (now) i know going to work and providing for them (when they're little and really dependant on you) isn't easy at all and that's without learning a side hustle and trading is probably one of the hardest things to go into. 12 months ago i'd have only watched the chartwork vids for sauce, but these videos i enjoy more purely because it's real life, real expectation, it's honest and transparent and who better to deliver such material than a guy who's been there and gone through the hardship and come out the other side. Keep grinding albs, keep the videos coming and try not to sharpie to near the edge of the paper it plays with my OCD, it's not even my desk and i'm like oooooohhhhh that was close hahaha, have a blessed weekend mate.

  2. hey man thanks for ur inputs as a beginner, could you please suggest me a very afforadable but profitable company that offers funding ?

  3. Tangents are good bro, comes from the heart and nothing is for no reason. Thanks for the share, great value

  4. Thanks albie. I saw the algo better with the way you teach. Now am not afraid of 1 or 3 losses. In a row. The strategy pays.

  5. Great content as usual bruv… I asked previous for trading with a job with multiple TF. But seeing where you going with your content. Could you do a vid with eg. Scalping, day trading with multiple TF'

  6. Let's say I've been profitable for 2 months on FTMO. Would you recommend me opening a new FTMO account and take same trades? Is there a way to automate this process? Like do i need 2 Metatraders?

  7. Another great video Alb, thank you! I personally when I get funded my main goal will be to make an emergency fund and then create my own account, only then will I spend money on other things. Anyway a slightly off-topic question: how many trades do you do per week and month on average?

  8. Thanks a lot for this great Vid.but I have a Q , did you achieve what you mentioned in the Vid ?

  9. Hey Albie, I'm a member in the community where you left (not mentioning it out of respect), I have watched all the content twice and have some around 150-200 hours on the charts which I know is not enough. How many hours, or months or years you think it takes an average person to get consistent? I also have a full time job so can't trade full time. Appreciate your feedback in advance!

  10. I know this vid will be fire i haven't even watched it but already liked it.. Same time i get off work first thing im doing is watching this.. Much love bro

  11. thanks for all the knowledge albs, keep up planting the good seeds in peoples lives, wish u all the best man
    big lov from brazil

  12. Just to anyone reading this. You can’t have a buffer with all prop firms. Make sure you understand how they work out daily and monthly draw down. Great video!

  13. This should all be common knowledge, but sadly it's not. I'm happy you made this video. Your content is always incredible!! Keep the great content coming. P.s. Love the desk wrap man

  14. lets go brother this is sick as they all are!! Absolute legend in the space big love <3

  15. Thank Mate, I failed already 4 FTMO but I’ll never give up on trading. You right nobody care about you passing a ftmo, its that validation everyone wants and I need to fix that within myself.

  16. Alb man, I don't think you know how much value these videos you produce have. You literally point out the challenges traders face. Its always good to know that you're not alone and thered a way to overcome those challenges. Thanks man, you're the best

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