1. What’s financial advice kanti. All the vids on YouTube say it’s not financial advice and that if you want advice get someone qualified. So you guys are not qualified? What are you doing here then?

  2. Leverage in trading is directly tied to margin requirement (Max mount of lots [contracts] one is able to open per trade depending on the pair) I can explain more but it will be too long.

    FYI: this type of info won't help you become a profitable trader one bit, far from it. Instead explained fully, it will help you understand how high leverage can be damaging to your trading if you a newbie and don't have your risk management plan on lock. Hate to say this but that's one of the ways how this brokers get newbies and that might delay your jouney to becoming a consistantly profitable trader. Trading is bliss but rewards comes at great cost financialy, emotionally and psychologically.

  3. All this is just pure nonsense that won't help the average retail trader it's funny how most people don't understand the purpose why leverage was introduced everyone talks about the same thing over and over and over again …… leverage was created for traders so that they can built debt,the debt coexists in a form of cycles once every debt cycle is complete that's wen unrealized gains/losses actually turn to realised gains/loss depending on how long you want to drag the cycle for the marginal percentage will guide you but what's interesting is over time you afford more debt after each debt cycle this is what allows institutions to have over 500000 open positions which ain't even managed ,ever asked yourself how is it possible for institutional traders to have over a million open positions in both longs and shorts when you do an analysis on the commitment of traders reports ????

  4. Woow Nico
    You are such a great teacher. I totally enjoyed this. I wish it was longer. Let me check if you dont have more of this videos

  5. The title of this video is very misleading, The only way to make money in forex is psychology,a good strategy and experience(many blown accounts) to make money

  6. I don't tend to write comments but felt compelled to this time. I love your vids girl you inspire me. The sound mo the vid echoes I hope this comment helps

  7. This is why there's so much Market Manipulation in FOREX brokers also dont wanna loose the money they borrowed you hence why most people usually Over leverage….

  8. You’re teaching Forex like it’s maths and it’s not. You still need to learn a lot more yourself.

  9. In every pair u risk 1% but in most cases brokers give u high leverage around 1:2000 to 1:3000 and bonus just for u to risk higher and the minute u fall for that you'll blow account before it goes to the right direction another thing is that ppl are greedy and they're trading without stop loss ….
    But in order to kill the market u have to know the structure candle sticks pattern and chart patterns
    Know ur entries and your exit u can't expect to take R1000 to 10k in one day it goes with experience

  10. Thank you. I literally understood your explaination better over others after months of not getting it.

  11. I make huge profits on my crypto investment since i started trading with carolinemike, her trading strategies are top notch.

  12. You are very clear and are making a lot of sense Sis Nic , but to add more on your wonderful teaching ; high leverage does not mean automatically your risk or profit becomes high – You can have the highest leverage yet risk very low through positioning and lot size . Increasing leverage or trading an account with a high leverage does not mean you are going to make more money or lose more money , yet trading with a high lot size or opening many positions will definitely have you lose more or gain more . I think the essence of leverage is that it allows retail traders access to trade in the FX market , allowing them to control large sums of money from small deposits . If you talk about high risk or high profits you have to explain 'LOT SIZE' OR 'POSITIONING .'

  13. I enjoyed the part when you went into the other side, where you can lose your money. The stop loss feature is very insightful as well. Thanks for the vid

  14. Hi @finacialbunny I get you're making an example but I think you should have used the Eur/USD example because it's a major pair and the USD/Zar is an exotic pair so it's not commonly use an people might not gain as much money trading that pair.

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