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How I Passed My Forex Funds in 1 Trade (+$50k TCF Passed) – JeaFx

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I passed a $200,000 Funding challenge and a $50,000 funding challenge in a single trade – here’s how!

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00:00 – Introduction
00:39 – My Forex Funds Phase 1 Stats
02:09 – EURUSD +9R | The Winning Trade
07:44 – Traders Central Fund Phase 2
09:46 – Funding Tips & Conclusion



  1. Trading online I will say is one of the riskiest business one can embark on without proper training and proper knowledge of trading and i was so messed up trading, lost thousands and was half depressed but progress they say shows when hard work is put into a venture. As i was experiencing lapses in putting enough work into trading, and my job made it nearly impossible for me to earn. I came across Michael David Isaac, he turned my life around, I'm so grateful.

  2. Muito bom o video. Eu passei em 20 dias na MFF que quiser saber mais –> @

  3. Bro I want to learn charts analysis from you and be successful trader like you In crypto currency market

  4. thanks for this! I've seen bad reviews about Traders Central, hidden rules etc. Please let us know if they don't do right by you!

  5. what copytrader do you use and could you make a video review copytraders, for trader who want to manage multiple accounts at the same time

  6. You are down to earth and professional. Other ppl would hide their losing streak and just highlight their gains.

  7. Really appreciate sharing those accounts. Give us motivation. Just a quick question, how do you manage multiple accounts from a different prop firm? Thanks

  8. bro this guy is so transparent about hes losses its inspiring i recently made 3 losses in a row and i thought i wasnt good enough but see that even pro traders such as him also lose just boasted my confident sooo soo much !!!

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