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How I Manage My Money as a Forex Trader

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With the current economic times, i thought i’d throw together this video for you all, talking you through my System. Enjoy!

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DISCLAIMER: I am not a financial adviser. The videos on my channel are for educational and entertainment purposes ONLY. I’m simply documenting my trading journey so that you have the potential to take ideas and inspiration from the videos that may help you within your own journey. But remember, trading/investing of any kind involves risk. Your trading/investments are solely your responsibility.

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  1. With the current economic times, i thought i'd throw together this video for you all, talking you through my System. Enjoy!

  2. Great video Micheal,
    Journaling everything just like trading
    I always say you cant manage what you don't measure, so measure your life!

  3. I'm astonished notification always on I love it. Thank you so much. Would you mind sharing your spreadsheet? Thanks a lot mate

  4. Current market is going not well.The rise of Dollar index, correction in stocks market, crash in crypto currency. Trust me if you all are up in this phase of 2022 you can stay consistency in decades for sure.

  5. Great video, Michael! I started being more intentional with my spending about 2 years ago and it changed my life – for the better – forever! Thanks, again!

  6. I still find it so bizarre how we are in 2022 but most people in this country still live off 1 income. Its actually mad. Technology has advanced beyond belief but mindset of people is still back in the 90s

  7. Absolutely love it mate! I personally try to keep my expenses as low as possible (while still enjoying myself), but all the rest is invested (I'm able to invest right now around 80% of my income). The investing goes to my personal trading account, stocks (licking my lips right now with these stock prices hahaha), and in the future to Real Estate.
    Really enjoyed seeing the structure (more or less) that you have! And what I always tell myself: when pain hits, opportunity also lirks around.
    Wish everyone the best through these tough times tho!

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