1. Ben is very legit and he explains forex trading in a simple way that most people can't do. I've grown leaps and bounds from his course and I'm on my way to profitability. Good looking out Ty!

  2. 99 percent of Ben vids taught me something. Ain't learn nothing from you yet sir. Motivational speaker looking ass. Click bait head ass.

  3. Ben is the TRUTH! I've personally learned so much from him. This is a killer combo, Ty co-signing Ben. And like you said, "Listen to your INTUITION."

  4. Ty u still out here scamming???
    Teaching a Bunch of nothing..
    ..oh my god you cant make this shit up…

  5. “Skepticism is good thing in trading and learning to trade but cynicism is something to be avoided”- Anton Kreil… If you don’t know who he is … look him up. It also took Michael Marcus 5 plus years of failure before he became profitable. Trading is not smoke and mirrors… it’s a business day in and day out. This guy Ben obviously understands that. Learn from whomever you can rock with but know in the end unless you are willing to put in the work and develop your own strategy, you might want to start looking to make money elsewhere. And if you are afraid of losing, start looking elsewhere. People like to give the idea of free flowing money and criticizing the loss but without the loss you never learn. And the market is ever changing so when you learn the proper way you learn to adapt to the changes.

  6. If you was really making money in forex it wouldnt be boring. Getting that bag is always fun no matter how you getting it.

  7. Ben is legit… I started trading supply and demand successfully from watching him.. y’all should link up and do a vid

  8. Idk bout yall but my fx account is rigged that everytime I enter a live trade the market automatically does the opposite. Got the shit on video

  9. This guy kinda beats around the bush and contradicts himself in some of his videos, kinda leads you on to buy his course too smoothtalker lol

  10. "let me tell you about my trading journey. So let's go back to my 7th birthday, I really liked transformers…."
    Too much filler my man, footnotes my man

  11. Ben is koo I have his course and he explain shit really clear and simple. Yea he said it’s kuz he wasn’t consistent in the market so he lost for so long kuz we all know trading is a marriage.

  12. Believe it or Not You and Him is who I learn from This Video was Dope to see lol, Keep up the Great work TY

  13. ty is the biggest scammer ever do not purchase something from his store!!!! react to this comment if you want further explanation and proof!

  14. Trade addict this channel is the real deal , on your behalf, you know what I'm sayyinggg your a affiliated binary little con man lately,

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