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Welcome to “Guess the forex millionaire” on today’s gameshow we have 4 forex traders and only 1 is a millionaire. Round by round the judge will make an elimination in hopes of finding the millionaire. Sit down, get your popcorn and enjoy the show.

Comment below and tell us who you think the forex millionaire is⬇️🤑

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  1. The judges had too much ego here, thinking the females can't be a good trader. There are defintely great traders out there. When she talked about being disowned by her family and making trading her life and no nine to five job, that was clear she was a trader. The other guy with the vest was good actor and even doesn't even know when the US open starts? Come on, he is not a trader. How can a trader not know this? Too much ego from the judges.

  2. Bro it’s the low key nigga I been knew from jump wtf yah believe flex is the millionaire I’m deadzzz

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