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Grudge Street Racing! Honda Del Sol Races Built Mazda For Money! + Turbo Del Sol VS K24 Del Sol!

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The “La Tóxica” Del Sol Races a “700WHP” Mazda Protege Turbo & a Boosted Del Sol For Money!

Check out “La Tóxica” Build here @allmotorchu

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  1. WE ARE BACK! Some Money Races Went Down!

    NA Del Sol Takes On a Boosted Del Sol then gets called out by a Jumping Mazda Protege!


  2. Love the channel bro , keep up the good work , hope to see y’all guys in Tx one day

  3. Painful to watch, so much popping and banging and then jump. Anti climatic. lol

  4. where is this at?. id like to race that mazda speed with my upcoming 500hp mazda built ford escort gt. of course my car wont be as fragile as his since he probably will be running a mazdaspeed trans, im upgrading mine to a toyota trans so it can hold the hp. or ill just throw him my v6 mazda 323. but for real they cant even race right. none of them. nice cars but cant stage right

  5. Is the Mazda (Jumping Evo Clown) driver a highschool kid or something? I've never seen such incompetence before except the newbie high school kids. Jumping happens with tons of people, but it's always the kids that do it again, and again, and again, and again. Like dude. Learn how to stage / roll.

    The last video when he was just ricer jumping. Dude has no fucking idea what is going on. Like, at all lol. Which is why I think it's some 16yo that watched too many F&F movies or something.

  6. Jesus fucking Christ i thought that kid was never going to stop jumping like a complete moron that knows he can only possibly win by jumping… What a shitforbrains….

  7. Bro that was painful. I almost didnt finish the video cause homeboy jumped so much. Then gets walked by like 4 car lengths lol

  8. It always takes so damn long for these Honda idiots to line up and race! Definitely the most annoying group of people to watch race

  9. The jump driver needs to be banned from playing with big boys. He needs to go back to Discovery zone and play in the ball pits with the other little boys. That was honestly pathetic racing on his behalf. Other than the bum good races. Love the content

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