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Giant Bombcast 739: FULL BALL CONTROL

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We Celebrate Pac-Man’s birthday by swinging into Golf Gang, Multiversus, Apex Legends Mobile, V Rising, along with some more Death Stranding sequel scuttle, and PlayStation Plus’ new tiers! It’s the Giant Bombcast!

0:00 – Intro! Trenchcoats, Kevin Smith Fans, movie franchise reboots, big donuts!
23:28 – VIDEOGAMES. Golf Gang!
29:08 – Jeff G got into the closed Alpha for Multiversus
40:11 – Jan’s playing Elechead
43:07 – Jan’s also playing V Rising
55:05: – Jeff G’s playing Apex Legends Mobile
1:03:54 – Rogue Legacy 2 burnout?
1:07:30 – Jess is still playing Chrono Trigger for the first time
1:13:11 – NEWS. Some banter first, though.
1:18:10 – Norman Reedus! He may have spilled the beans about Death Stranding 2!
1:46:36 – EA said to be actively pursuing acquisition/merger?
2:00:21 – The new tiers of PlayStation+ are rolling out in Asian countries… but some of them are PAL-only???
2:09:52 – Pac-Man turns 42 years old 🙂
2:16:22 – EMAILS. Is Overwatch League ruining Overwatch 2? And chat about the esportsification of some games (Lex from Cork, Ireland)
2:32:26 – What are your thoughts on paper straws? (Jeff in Canada)
2:36:41 – Shadow the Hedgehog just Vegeta (Donald from Christchurch, NZ)
2:38:38 – Are you worried about Remedy? (Ben in Boston)
2:40:40 – Is God of War: Ragnarok gonna come out in 2022 or 2023? (Liam in Ireland)
2:42:26 – Gamestop Manager’s Conference Tales and Mr. Caffeine (Chris from Alabama)




  1. Wouldn't be a Giant Bombcast episode without Jeff complaining about Smash Bros for 10 minutes. Who hurt you?

  2. the pentaverate did indeed originate from the joke in axe murderer, he talked about it in a recent interview

  3. In the podcast feed, there is a super loud, super annoying T Mobile ad that interrupts Jeff Gerstmann literally mid sentence. Sounds bad and unprofessional. It's at 1hr 27min

  4. Loved most of the Pentaverate… Feels a bit stretched towards the end but worthwhile overall… Very Mike Meyers, very meta at times.. Close to the first Austin Powers movie in feel and style of some adult humor, high stakes, but all very silly and with that Mike Meyers good vibes charm…

  5. Red Dead 2 winks at you constantly what are you talking about. That game has the best and most nuanced/detailed open world of almost any game.

  6. Twin Snakes rules, Ryuhei Kitamura directed the action scenes which explains the sick as fuck missile flip.

    Watch his movie Versus.

    edit: re: Shadow is Vegeta, is Big the Cat Yajirobe?

  7. MGS had a lot of cutscenes but all I remember from MGS2 was cutscenes and brief moments in which you were trying to freeze bombs.

  8. Jess makes this difficult for me to listen to, she’s always interrupting people and talking over them, it’s infuriating

  9. As an Australian kid, I didn't think Sonic was as fast as he was made out to be in america.

  10. to jess: pentavirate is (or could be?) a real word, though they spell it weirdly. think 'triumvirate'. but for some reason they've spelled it pentaverate, with an e instead of an i. so it's a bit odd… but yeah.

  11. I love how Jess is not afraid to grill and challenge Jeff! Not that I think either of them are wrong, they are both right in their own way and I believe they both understand that. Its just great to have them explain where they are coming from. The MGS discussion is maybe the most engaged listening to this podcast ive been in a long time.

  12. It seems like Jess is shocked and appalled over Jeff's opinions every week and he does a pretty good job of explaining where he's coming from. His thoughts on MSG 1 aren't exactly new. I like both of them but damn, it's real awkward.

  13. Ill forever love having giant bomb as my supplementary podcast because it feels like an old man and his treasure hunting crew in a basement telling tales.

  14. i love how gerstmann is the oldest yet he is the one that knows least about videogames,… saying sonic has bad videogames pfff yeah right buddy, lol

  15. kojima could easily change to another game just cause this, plus the mgs games are very different to each other, he gets bored very easy, thats why his games are not straight forward, a western team would take the easy route and just milk solid snake, not kojima, safe stuff are boring to him, still he might need an editor like he had at konami

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