1. Thank you so much for this. I’ve been watching these videos for like a week and you’re the only person that has explained it to where it actually makes sense.

  2. What do you think about EA to pass the account? It's really hard pass that manually

  3. if you fail any phase do you owe money to the company? or if you burn any account do you have to pay the money they gave you to trade?

  4. Thanks for the video. I hope to get funded too bro, I am practicing every live in YouTube to make it come true!

  5. Can you review my forex funds talk about daily draw down and all that , I’m trying to get funded March

  6. No such thing as "no chance to pass if you can't make 10% a month", certain prop firms allow you to retake the challenge if you did not violate their rules and ended in profit… besides that, 1, 2 good trades can pass you depending on the strategy you use. So I disagree on what you said mate.

  7. nice video will, in my opinion funded accounts are the smartest way to trade hands down. The con which is the rules are actually not bad. its like training wheels for trading that absolutely do not let you go past limits which in turn means you'll never blow an account. its like free discipline management. when you get a large enough account built from payouts then you can move to personal account in order to risk larger amounts.

  8. i think close to 4000 ppl took the challenge in november and only 4 ppl made it to the profit split

  9. Im busy with a challenge from funded trading plus. Single fase challenge. No verification and pretty cheap. Also no time limit on the challenge

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