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GET READY! Mother of All BITCOIN Pumps Is Here!!

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Are you ready for BITCOIN to surge!? Well the MOaP (Mother of All Pumps) is here and BTC is going wild. Why is this happening when there isn’t a new surge of interest in Bitcoin and crypto? Where is the money coming from…Tether USDT or the Banks? It’s just might be a combination that will come to a peak this November!

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⏰ Time Stamps ⏰
00:08 Intro-DJ Khaled Came In Like A REKTING Ball
00:35 Big Resistance Get’s Broke (10k)
01:50 Are New Speculators Coming into the Market?
02:49 Let’s PUMP to get NEW Blood…
03:05 Why We Might Not Need Retail Interest…Tether USDT
04:26 Why This Pump Will Continue. Finance 1.0 and Money Printer Goes BRRRR!
05:30 The Global Wealth Pyramid & Derivatives
06:18 Wall St Banks & Stonky Derivatives
07:44 Saving the Elite & Baby Boomers?
08:52 Why Banks Want Our Bitcoin…The Hard Assets?? Peak is Coming
10:42 Outro

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  12. Excellent job connecting those dots in the derivatives market. Continue down that rabbit hole with those big banks and see how far their tentacles go within the US Government.

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  20. Does anyone remember when this guy did a video explaining where every single cent of 21 TRILLION DOLLARS would come from for Bitcoin to have a 1 million dollar value? Does he not realise that every single Bitcoin doesn't need to pay 1 million dollars for it to have a 21 trillion dollar market cap? The people who paid $1 for Bitcoin won't just wack 1 million in so their Bitcoin is worth 1 million and all the Bitcoins that will take 140 years to mine won't be putting a million in each before it's worth 1 million and the miners won't be putting 1 million in each for all their rewards. Point is you don't have to take 21 trillion dollars out of all those assets for Bitcoin to be valued at 1 million dollars. He was so proud of that video and he was so happy with himself for finding 21 Troon dollars that would go to Bitcoin for each coin to be worth 1 million. Fact of the matter is if all the sudden someone deposited 21 trill into Bitcoin then it would be worth around 500 millionn a coin. I like this guy from earlier days when he was learning as he went but then all the sudden he let his popularity go to his head that he started thinking he knows everything about everything. If he got that video so badly , oh so badly wrong, you must ask how much of his other advice he is telling you is completely wrong too. To this date I don't think he has ever realised how wrong that video was or recognised that he took time away from his followers . If he actually gave a stuff about anyone then he would at the very least publicly apologise for such a massive cok up. He needs to consider that hundreds of people probably watched that video during their initial research into investing into crypto and he scared them away or maybe those viewers have gone on with their lives forever thinking that was fact and telling others about it and looking like a massive pyramid scheme or a straight up scam. He armed people with knowledge to go into the world and tell their friends stuff that made them look stupid I bet or made them look like they were trying to rip people off or even make innocent people look pathetic and involved in a scam or even just as they tell people they would of been put off for life. He should recognise his mistake and apologise or he should take all his crypto coins he's ever purchased and view those market caps for each coin and then see what price he paid, the market cap then, the price now and market cap now and then if he paid $1 for a coin that's now worth $4 he should live by his teachings and pay the additional $3 for each and every coin so that he has put that money into the market cap so everything he said is true. According to him he owes the market cap for any gains it's made where he hasn't put that money in. He will forever be giving money to the market cap everytime his coin goes up and as he gives that money the coin will go up and he will be in a vicious circle. Yes it's a long rant because I want this comment to be as stupidly long as his 30 minute video that was absolute garbage and for it to be driven home just how stupid it is while I know just how stupid I'm being for this comment of such great length. If Chico crypto really is anything like his persona he tries to convey on YouTube then he will see the funny side of this absurdly long comment that made its point way back in the first 2 sentences. Love you Chico, and dream about you every night and wish you were …..nah…. No way. Bye.

  21. Fed buys toxic derivatives. Fed goes bankrupt. Treasury tells private bankers to fuck off.

  22. New subscriber here by fortunate accident. I've been in BTC, then alts, since 2013 and I spent a lot of time on forums and podcasts, which helped me do ok in 2017. The downside was the fracturing of the community — all of my research sources were choosing which coins to specialize in and which sides to take in the battles for legitimacy. (*For some reason, I went off on a tangent rant here, which I'm pasting below for posterity and anyone interested in a thought exercise.)

    Result was, I spent a lot less time since on Bitcoin news and research. Your video showed up in my newsfeed and without taking the time to look at source, I clicked it thinking that it was a news article – I usually only look at written news because videos are almost always a waste of time. Honestly, I would not have clicked had I known it was a video, especially with the click-bait font 😉 So, that's the happy accident and I want to thank you for making great content. You are a stark contrast to many of the "crypto guys" in YouTube that drone on about their uninformed opinion or their pretty charts. You clearly understand your topics and have spent a lot of time researching for your videos and I very much appreciate that you are sharing the significant sources that help form your comments in your videos so that we can look them up. I wish I found you sooner – there is just so much junk on YouTube that I stopped looking. Please continue to be a stand-out and keep up the great work!

    *****Irrelevant tangent rant:*****

    Despite the successes and new opportunities created by the 2017 explosion, the crypto community lost a lot of its character and idealism. While I don't oppose progress, I do think that we might be in a better place if BTC was still the only coin and alts were delayed for another few years. Imagine if all of the investment, projects and mind power were focused on getting the first project right, instead of starting thousands of alts, 95% of which were a waste of time. The value of BTC would be in the hundreds of thousands by now and it would be powerful enough to sway politics and legislation in its favor and away from the banks. BTC would have been able to accomplish more of its idealistic goals like bringing banking to the entire planet. Instead, everyone became distracted with alts and numerous competitions for legitimacy ensued. (Who's the real bitcoin?, Lightning? ICO fraud? Has xrp invented a plausible purpose yet?) Now, we are (mostly) back to focusing on BTC, but with a ton of useless alts riding the coattails in hope that btc brings them along and rubs some legitimacy off on them.

  23. It is time for a current portfolio video amigo. What did change in the last two months?

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