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Germany Recognizes BitCoin as Currency

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BitCoin is officially being recognized as a private currency in Germany opening up businesses to accept it as a form of payment.

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  2. 0:37 – Designed to have no inflation…
    -Except until year 2140 in terms of supply

    0:40 – As every year the amount of new Bitcoins will be halved…

    0:47 – And are kept in online Bitcoin wallets…
    -Online wallets (e-wallets, website-based wallets) aren't necessary to store your Bitcoin and are unsafe so you shouldn't use them, go here to choose a proper Bitcoin wallet: (if you're an impatient person don't use bitcoin-qt as it takes ages to sync)

    -Also technically speaking, no Bitcoins are ever stored in a wallet, a wallet contains the private keys that are used to produce a digital signature that allows you to spend Bitcoin

  3. This episode was references on Fox News tonight. It was a bit on the future of technology. Mostly old news, but still interesting.

  4. Lol they didn't kill tens of millions they just killed six million. Btw Russia killed more but no one seems to care about that.

  5. That all happened generations ago, and those people were brainwashed into thinking what was going on was right. Nowadays crime rate is as low as ever there, and I've been there and the people are very friendly, they are already paying financialy for the mistakes of one, why make them pay emotionally too.

  6. Germany is rocking economically right now.. They seem to have a pretty good handle on it

  7. technically Mongolia is the country with the highest level of historical crime, thanks to Ghengish Khan….

  8. A private currency doesn't need "recognition" from any nation for it to be traded as value by private citizens. This video is an attempt to sucker in people to pay for a electronic value based system that has absolutely zero guarantees or backstops. Enjoy the ride, make sure you are in the upright position and wearing a seat belt.

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  10. Fun Fact: Real-life judges never have gavels. Only auctioneers have gavels, and judges just shout very loudly to gain "order in the court", although it's rarely needed.

  11. The "mining" term is more confusing than helpful for newcomers. Essentially, Bitcoin is a decentralized currency that utilizes a network of computers to facilitate transactions. It's like Bittorrent where every computer has the file, an entire log of all transactions ever. The "mining" term comes into play when these computers that do work are rewarded with newly minted bitcoins. This way, there's direct incentive to support the network while having a fair way to put new bitcoins in circulation.

  12. Germany was one of the most succesful economies in the world, the genecide was a terrible part of history but theres no point in adressing germany with hate now that it's over.
    Im jewish btw…

  13. Source Feds crew mostly try's to hard, and some of there personalities on Canada seem fake. I mean some of them say things that just no normal person would ever say. I want to get to know the real people. Not extremely scripted and edited videos

  14. I find it terrifying enough that our entire world revolves around faith in paper and metals having established values that still fluctuate enough due to inflation and speculation that a country can wind up in a complete crisis. Bitcoin gives me no confidence.

  15. It's like a chastity belt
    stops everything that obama is doing with the economy

  16. the fact that you are saying : "whit joy" proves your total ignorance towards actual history. You are blaming a nation for the actions of one man, Adolf Hitler.

  17. I'm American and I think it's ridiculous that people compare the people or Germany today to what they were 70 years ago. We currently have a German exchange student at my school and she's cool as hell. Also, her accent makes me want to jizz.
    Anyway, when you assume that that guy is American just because he's hateful, makes you no better than him. If all Americans are stupid and hateful, I guess it's conceivable that all Germans are Nazis.

  18. Well the only things one of my friends talks about is Bitcoin…and Ron Paul. So I kind of hate it.

  19. Why in this god given green earth, those one talk about ww2 if you bring up germany. i think i just dropped an IQ of reading comments

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  21. Incorrect. The US Dollar will still exist and still have value in 2040. Bitcoin will not exist, and will not have value.

  22. Yea well being from USA myself, I'm pretty sure michael haig is from here. Most assholes from here hate on other countries and all the shit about Hitler makes Germany a great target for hate, but then again, the USA isn't all sweet and pretty. We've got hate groups just like anywhere else…we just cover that up with bullshit about freedom. Love 'Merica…GO SOPA!! (Sarcasm for those who bulbs aren't getting enough electricity)

  23. Are you forgetting the first country the Nazis took over and slaughtered was their own? Someone being German does not automatically make them a fucking Nazi. The only reason Hitler was even successful in taking over and converting people the way he did was because there was enough fucking morons like you that would actually believe Nazi propaganda.

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