1. Hi Nep, one of my questions is,

    In your view, can you break down on how you would select a player, whats your process, going through sorare data, fut mob and what other sites you would use for how long the player is contracted for, is he injured etc. Maybe for various budgets, going for Eth rewards in rare, going to limited rewards etc.
    Loving the streams and vids!

  2. where do you get the information about the players in belgium league whether they are suspended or injured?

  3. How does the training mix actually work? I.e. is it a set % increase every week or does it depend on how they perform in their game?

  4. I'm itching to get involved but only want to invest £100 to begin with. As I quick sign in via Google, should I change that if I put money in?

  5. Is it worth it to get cards from previous seasons that don't have the 5% bonus? Thinking about some of the league starting again here in February

  6. Do you think they will introduce eth threshold in limited any time soon? (could be a smaller threshold than in rare)

  7. Another week another learning event. I scored 333.4 in ChampEurope and missed out on my first reward by 0.91 points. Shows how important the bonus % is. Have to remember to always put my limiteds into training for the mid week rounds !!

  8. It doesn’t say every competition is covered, some say 8 comps covered so does this mean only 8 entries for free and you have to pay to enter the rest? If so, how much?

  9. Do you think it would be viable for the 30 friends unique reward if I were to create 30 accounts and buy 5 limiteds on each. With sell back taken into account it would appear to get a free unique. Want to know your thoughts or if I'm missing something

  10. can you do a video on all of the various external sites you use to help with sorare please? ie injury info, lineup pickers. just anything that is used to help with the experience or is part of the experience. thanks

  11. Obvious question – can you withdraw Eth into cash in bank at any point? So if you make profit – withdraw the profit and keep your original investment in there?

  12. if you have like 700 euros, do you either try to grind the eth threshhold in rare or buy a relatively good team/teams for limited?

  13. Hey nep, what does it mean when you "mint and transfer card to eth" probably very obvious what the answer is, but thanks anyway

  14. You should sell vindahl Jensen As soon as possible he is one of the worst keepers from the eredivisie
    Also sinisterra will 100% transfer this summer so his price will probably go down

  15. In your personal opinion, do you think it would be best to start off with limited or rares? I have been playing in the common leagues for a while, and want to invest a little to compete in the higher leagues. I have about $250 to spend for reference, as I am sure that will affect the answer. Limited vs rare each have their pros and cons, but I am just curious to hear what your view is. Love the content man!

  16. What do you think the prices will do in the summer when there are not games and it is smart to buy players in this window

  17. I already have a decent common GK, realistically how much do u think I’d need to spend on rares to grind the eth threshold?

  18. Once you get some better experience, a road to glory would be so sick. Maybe reach a certain traget before starting it?

  19. I really like the idea of sorare but a game where your either free to play or have ti spend over £500 to have any chance of success isn't the one I think

  20. I’m a new player and Ive put about $600. Got a couple of limited teams. Like you are, learning as I go along.. one thing I’m thinking about is what to do when main leagues are off, focus on other leagues or wait for transfers/price dips and sit it out.. any thoughts on the “off season” and how you will play it?

  21. Do you think sorare will be here for the next years and will be a real thing to play and have fun with? Hopefully they will add a few more gamemodes, leagues etc.

  22. Is it worth buying a full limited team and hope for rewards and build from them or should just buy a rare team and collect the ETH threshold

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