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FxDaniel Savage Forex Review (2022) Lambo Raul l Fake Guru Beef (FOREX SCAMS)

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FxDaniel Savage Forex Review (2022) Lambo Raul l Fake Guru Beef (FOREX SCAMS)
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Daniel savage forex and Lambo Raul beef with Daniel savage strategy review
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  1. If your "guru" shapes up his George Jefferson… U needed to get scammed! How does ANYONE in this day and age believe a person because he SAYS he's rich.

    Flexin movie money. Rented cars, fake jewelry, NO REAL FINANCE education. Dafuq.

  2. nah he's legit whoever takes a signal and doesn't know how to trade is slow learn to trade and stop complaining about losses its part of thee game

  3. I don’t understand the point of any of this. If your profitable your profitable. Why worry about other people and focus on yourself.

  4. Why you sweating over 3% loss, if your account is wiped out by 3 trades then you deserve to lose. Since you’re in the signals show the recent wins lol

  5. Another great video exposing this clown. Ever see "limitless level up"? or "daily trader"? I think you'd like them ; )

  6. I hear people talking about being scammed online by all these brokers, well i was also a victim i lost close to $20,000 within 2 weeks, my wife left me because we couldn't feed nor pay for house rents, but thanks to Mrs Rachel’s strategy, which brought me back to winning ways, my wife is back and i now own a house within three months, i now trade without fear, contact her and tell her i referred you to her (Telegram== @rachelbrooke and whatsApp : +14106183955)

  7. MONEY MOVES (the World). Videos about Gambling, Trading and Hustling LIFESTYLE.


  8. Daniel it's a fucking goat he made me profitable trader bro everything I have I own too him stop hating guys start learning put it in the work and you gonna be fine

  9. You know it’s bad when the homie said even his ex girlfriend warned him… that’s absolutely cray cray.

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