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*FREE* Forex Robot Tripled My Money?!

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In todays video I will be giving you a step to step guide on how to set up a forex robot to trade for you. I will also run 2 bots for 2 days; Paid and free to see which one is worth it. You can use the links below to set up your own bots, But just make sure you use money that you do not mind losing, as forex trading can be risky. Anyways hope you enjoy the video.
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  1. If you've tried everything and nothing worked , try trading with expert Richardson the best money making machine I've ever since in my life

  2. Hi Jatz from Dubai.
    Are you still running one or both robots?
    If yes, do you still make profits?

  3. Really great video… detailed and easy tutorial, really straight to the point…keep making excellent work bro

  4. if i have in my one stuff in my portfolio and Start the Robot. Will it correct my mistake and trade progressive???

  5. Nice video! I was able to build a big income stream during the covid-19 pandemic investing with a professional broker, Mrs Lydia Reeds.

  6. Trade manually or you will lose your money trading with a robot. Developers are relying on people being too lazy or impatient to learn how to trade properly. It need not be complicated, either. Just keep things simple and establish a set of rules to trade by.

  7. Please did you deposit in the free bot before it's start trading for you
    Same as the paid bot

  8. I have watched hundred of videos on this topic and this one by far is most decent, to the point and seems logical. I would love to see another video on how these robots performed over longer period of time. with current balance. Appreciate your content. Lots of support from Australia.

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