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Fractal RSI MACD Robot

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This video is a sequel to a very recent video showing an expert based on fractals and exponential moving average. While the strategy here is similar the purpose is to show how to modify existing code to achieve a different result.

In this video I show how to replace the moving average trend filter from the earlier video with an RSI based trend filter, then I also show how to change the entry from buy stop / sell stop to opening a trade on close of a bar past the fractal.

Then I do it all again with MACD.

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00:00 – Start
00:11 – Introduction
02:56 – Creating the RSI expert from MA Expert
04:00 – Framework Update
08:22 – Fractal RSI Expert Code
13:37 – Trade on bar close
21:33 – RSi Demonstration
23:18 – Fractal MACD code
31:38 – MACD Demonstration



  1. Just started rolling your Channel and you're doing beautiful work bro, I have a request…. Have you heard about the QQE indicator? You can download from trading view, can you turn that I to a robot? With money management, similar to the one you coded that place trades in relation to account size

  2. As always, I have and keep learning from you in every video you upload here. I can only say thank you for all the good works.

  3. I feel proud to have made the first comment. Tell you what, I believe time will come when I will be half you. I am branded intelligent when I help someone with a financial accounting problem. They haven't seen your works. That aside, thank you for the content and my special thanks to the one who suggested this tutorial. Can you recommend me any books in MQL programming? The market is flooded with a zillion of them and I get nuts!

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