1. Buying stocks does not ensure profit always for you, the market price determines your profit, folks needs to stop measuring profit depending on the market price, glad I chose to trade and found out.

  2. I make huge profits on my investment since I started trading with Anna Lawerence , her trading strategies are top notch coupled with the little commission she charges on her trade.

  3. This dude said "From gettin your booty hole busted to Yeah Now im the MASTER Forex Trader" LMAO!!!!!

  4. Win or lose everybody Gets what they want out of the market, Mr Denis Mark's strategy always ensures winning and cuts down all loses

  5. You say you have your freedom love your freedom , but your both a retail forex trader and in the business of forex via your mentorship and signal services.
    Contradiction? Or..
    Did I just misunderstand you?

  6. Thanks for posting this for the people. Trading takes not only education but discipline.

  7. If we as retail traders dont have to deal with all the manipulations and all the other shady stuff we’d be at a 50:50 advantage but ………

  8. I started with a little sum of $30 when I thought I've learned the basics in forex, and I losed $29 in less than 3 days. But the day I started respecting myself was when I grew the remaining $1 to $60 within the following two weeks. Don't give up guys, just stick to one strategy that works for you and be patient, your money will work for you

  9. #bars. I commented on one of your videos a few weeks back. There are probably 2 people actually making money off forex. The rest make money on the business

    My homie told me he gets hit up all day playing chess online. from people trying to promote the forex business.

  10. Like prop firms is a gift from god imagen being given the opportunity to trade a 200k account and keep 70% of the paper u make from another mans money

  11. Yo ty what do you think about swaggy c? Watching his newest videos I have started to notice he just talks empty words. Do you think he's legit or a fake guru?

  12. I advise the people I work with to view Dr. Brett Steenbarger's material before we go further in our process.

  13. " TAKE THE SHOT." SNIPER OR BALL PLAYER. So true Nephew. You cant come into the Forex arena with years of negative emotional and psychological issues and think Forex is going to turn your life around. Forex exposes who you are and who you're not. It's a mirror and you will meet yourself when you click the Buy/Sell button. I say time and again, after you understand that the Market ONLY moves UP/DOWN/SIDEWAYS, then everything else you're thinking about consciously OR subconsciously, is YOU. YEARS of built up Character Defects and Shortcomings.
    Trading and Investing is PSYCHOLOGICAL, 95%.

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