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🔴 Forex Trading Live Session No.319 | FBS Education | Urdu / Hindi

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Forex Live Trading & Learning Room
Opening Time: (GMT+5 ) 5:00pm PKT in London Session
Closing Time 7:00pm PKT in New York Session Daily Monday to Friday
Speaker / Trainer Mr.Wali Fx
Professional Forex Trader and trainer (Since 2008)
Expert Analyst Technical, Fundamental, Sentiment

1. Expert Pivot point trading Strategy
2. Expert Rsi reading & Divergence trading Strategy
3. Expert Trend Lines Trading Strategy
4. Expert Historical support & Resistance trading (S.&.D) Strategy
5. Expert 12 candlestick Pattern trading Strategy
6. Expert M.A cross over – P.A – E.V and few More strategies etc…
7. Expert Market Technical Structure

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Risk Disclaimer:
This program is for educational purposes only
This program is not a signal service. Nor is it investment advice. There is more risk in trading and you can lose more than your investment. The information provided on this platform is for educational purposes only, but remember that it is not a licensed trainer. It only shares what it has learned, understood, and gained experience in the trading industry over the years. The method described herein does not guarantee any results and the Author can not be held responsible for any losses or damages in any account. Therefore, whatever is taught and taught here should be practiced only on a trial-demo account.



  1. السلام علیکم سر جی کیا حال ہے آج کی سٹریم بہت زبر دست رہی اور بہت کچھ دوبارا سیکھنے کو ملا خاص طور پر گولڈ کے بار ے مین …..اللہ آپ کو سلامت رکھے آمین آپ کا شکریا جی

  2. Asalamo alakum sir Great Learning sir Yesterday Hit Target 1960 to 1890 in Gold Great Analysis Love u sir

  3. Respect Sir AOA
    Sir today trade on following
    1. Market become resistance to support bana lya tha.
    2. Market ny M30 main 1916/1917 ka resistance Break ho ny kay bad jab market retest karny arahi tu Volume dry ho raha tha Jis ki waja sy price support ko break nahee kar sakti thi.
    3. 1922.50 par Market Profile ka level bhee tha market wo test kia aur M5 main Shout out bhee ban jis par volume high tha
    Sir ap jo reading karty hy last stage hy (Bulkil asan procedure Just S n R draw karo aur wahan sy markeet agrarian ko pehchany) agar yahan par koi understand nahee kar sakta h wo mere idea ky mutabiq nahee seekh sakta hy

    Sir ap jo live session free karty hy yaqeen many sir is ki fee ham log paid nahee kar sakty. Sir I humbly request keh chand gandy ANDON ki waja sy band na karain.

    Note: All student jab bhee trade lagaty ho first of all S n R (BAMBA STRATEGY) draw karain. Koi bhee indictor/strategy is ky elawa kuch bhee nahee hy. (S n R backbone of the market)
    1. Trade kis bina par li hy
    2. Agar SL howa tu kis waja sy howa aur agar TP howa tu kis waja sy
    3. Notes prepare karo aur un mistake to rectify karain

  4. Wednesday, March 30, 2022; (S.02 E.42), Episode No. 319(=318). Masha Allah nice learning session with practical on practice account only. [There is more risk in trading and you may lose more than your investment / The financial operation may involve increased risk]. 01= Sir and Sir A. Hafeez (18:54). 02= Sir (47:41). 03= Sir (01:12:47). 04= Sir (01:40:28). 05= Sir (03:54:22). 06= Sir (04:12:22, 05:09:45). 07= Sir (04:17:20). 08= Sir A. Hafeez (04:19:21). 09= Sir (04:32:01). 10= Sir (04:46:50). 11= Sir (05:01:09, 05:20:10). 12= Sir and Sir A. Hafeez (05:43:02). 13= Sir (05:48:14). 14= Sir (07:08:25). 15= Sir M. Sharjeel Bilal (01:43:45). 16= Sir M. Sharjeel Bilal (05:59:03). Many other learning points might be taken from this session. In summary, practice makes a man perfect. Thanks a lot to our all pro trainers for their precious time.

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