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Forex Trading in Kenya | Your World with Victor Kiprop

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  1. How do you know that the currency is overbought or oversold before you place your order??

  2. Seems like nowadays common sense, heck a brain is a luxury. Rule of Thumb: If they teach you how to get rich, they getting rich off of you. Smart money leads, dumb money follows and if you reading this, you the dumb money, believe that.

    Take the high road and leave these fake as f gurus behind.

  3. Kenya that has no natural resources & no money.
    The country has nothing to offer the world.
    Kenya is finished. Just forget about it.

  4. 40 mins of time wastage, where did they find this clown from to come explain what and how forex trading works. Forex can make you an extremely good income, but it is not easy like youtubers make it seem, just like any other job it is difficult and requires hard work and dedication.

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