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Forex Trader spends $100,000+ on CLOTHES!!(SET AND FORGET Podcast EP.4 FT @MYLIFEREALQUICK)

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Full Time forex traders and entrepreneurs on how to they
have made there careers in this industry and what to

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  1. It’s not all about watching videos and wasting your time on different strategies, I was ignorant, but my story changed for good after I met David Mancini. I recommend you contact him above ☝️

  2. Alex you should asks all the people like in every podcast 1 question. You should ask what are the most important aspect too succeed in trading? When interview trading to see everyone view

  3. Informative and funny at the same time. The part with the dog at the end had me in stiches. Keep it up bro.

  4. Hi, Alex! I just found out about your YouTube and I'm trying to join the free Telegram. Unfortunately, it says that the invite link is invalid.

  5. i like how we are getting plugged into other spheres such as "drop shipping" which i didn't even know about as an FX trader i think that's fire!!! much appreciated

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