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  1. Its first time I come across your page. I don't follow you but I wanted to say I'm genuinely happy for you. You deserved this and wish you much more.

  2. Congrats bro this is just so great… Not even the car , I mean the car is nice b but the hard work it took to get it .. that's the real wow . I cant wait till my forex journey reaches these hieghts cant wait

  3. ✈️irrespective of the economic crisis.
    Through your updates.
    I’ve gotten ways I earn.
    And this is the best time to invest in crypto and gold, and I’m glad I’m making a reasonable income with my $5,000 investment every 5 days

  4. Happy belated birthday, Doyle! I knew you were an Earth sign, I just thought it was Capricorn.

  5. I watched this man from a year or 2 ago. Now, he has appeared again in my feed and got his car. Proud of your achievements man!

  6. i love this my boy keep it up, what song u playing at the end i want in cuzzy lol ?????

  7. aye im new to the channel but the thumbnail caught my eye and i like the color grading. I also like seeing brothas out out here having it they way, checking it like tha house on fire. Big UPPs!

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